Chaly said that the United States at the trump tightened policy towards Russia

With the arrival of President Donald trump’s policy of strengthening sanctions against Russia and the US support for the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Ukraine only intensified. This opinion was expressed by the Ambassador of Ukraine to the United States Valeriy Chaly in comments to the Agency «UKRINFORM».

«First of all, we have a clear and completely General position and the White house, and ministries and agencies, and Congress on the continuation of the policy of sanctions against Russia, which was started by the previous administration. Line of the President of trump and the White house did not become softer, if Russia didn’t expect this,» – said Chaly.

He noted that the international community has no doubt that in the Donbas are Russians, and Ukraine also has the support of the United States.

The diplomat added that Western countries in cooperation with Ukraine has developed a mechanism to force Russia to comply «completely clear under international law.»

«First, is to increase the combat readiness of the Armed forces of Ukraine, to stop attempts at further expansion into our territory,» – said Chaly.

He recalled that the United States provides Ukraine with military-technical assistance, and conducting exercises. «This is a strong signal in the first place, Russia, the United States stands with Ukraine,» – said the diplomat.

In addition, in respect of Russia sanctions involved, which gives the result, «despite the bravura statements in Russia.»

«According to the statement of the state Department, the Russian Federation has received several million dollars in sales in the defence sector, which could go to continue to kill people,» he said.

Chaly is convinced that the new wave of sanctions will follow after the elections of the President of the Russian Federation to the annexed Crimea.

The diplomat reminded that the US also help Ukraine with reforms, including the establishment of anti-corruption system and corruption in General.

«But it is equally important to change the environment. To this end, we are working to in Ukraine has gone more and more American business,» – said the Ukrainian Ambassador. He is convinced that the cooperation between Ukraine and the United States is moving in the right direction.

December 20 edition of the Washington Post reported that the administration of U.S. President Donald trump for the first time has allowed the export of lethal defensive weapons to Ukraine. It was argued that commercial license approved by the U.S. state Department, involves the sale of sniper rifles, Barrett M107A1, ammunition and related accessories in the amount of $41.5 million

The US state Department said that Ukraine has bought a small number of these weapons within a few years both before and after the annexation of Crimea by Russia in spring 2014.

December 22, the TV channel ABC News referring to sources in the Department informed that trump will announce the approval they plan to sell anti-tank missiles to Ukraine, including Javelin systems.

On 23 December the state Department announced that it will provide Ukraine with «enhanced defense capabilities». In a statement, the us administration noted that «Ukraine is a sovereign country and has the right to defend itself.»

On the same day, President Petro Poroshenko confirmed that Ukraine will receive lethal defensive weapons from the United States.

Chaly said that the United States at the trump tightened policy towards Russia 24.02.2018

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