Chaly: American filmmakers are interested in Ukraine

Documentary Director Eugene Afineevsky «Winter on fire», nominated this year for the prestigious film award «Oscar», was interested in the American film industry in the context of the possibility of shooting new films about Ukraine. This was stated after the screening of the film in the U.S. Congress, the Ambassador of Ukraine in Washington, Valeriy Chaly, reports «UKRINFORM».

«I recently had the opportunity to see American stars and Directors who watched the film, and they are already thinking of how not to shoot any more films about Ukraine», — said the head of the Ukrainian mission in the United States.

He did not disclose details, but stressed that it is «the Directors of world level».

However, the Ukrainian Ambassador stressed that «Winter on fire» made me think of the Americans about the values that protected the Ukrainians on the Maidan. «Americans, when I commented on the tape, saying that the film for themselves raises the question of what values there are in America, and what values should protect the policy here?» Chaly stressed.

That is, according to him, the film «has already gone beyond just Ukraine», and helps to keep the international focus on the Ukrainian question. He expressed the hope that the film will be awarded the prestigious award of the film Academy of the USA.

At the same time, the Ambassador said, the very picture nomination for «Oscar» already means a lot for Ukraine, which is world widely spoke after the «Revolution of dignity». All events shown in the film in an accessible form even for an apolitical audience that only expands awareness of our state.

In addition, now all the States is advertising the tape, and that, as the Ambassador noted, «helps much more than the program of promotion of image of the state».

Besides, it is no secret that in many Western countries the propaganda of the Kremlin has its indirect influence. «I think this film will remove the propaganda tricks that can be used to distort the truth about events in Ukraine», — said Valeriy Chaly.

The film «Winter in the fire» — shooting 28 operators-lovers, which was recorded on camera Kiev 93 day winter in 2013-2014. The chronicle of the Ukrainian revolution includes recordings from the event and interviews with protesters. Recently the band was nominated for the award «Oscar» in the category «Best documentary», and in September 2015 at the international film festival in Toronto was awarded the audience Award as best documentary.

Chaly: American filmmakers are interested in Ukraine 11.02.2016

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