Cemil wants to Jamal won the Eurovision song contest

The leader of the Crimean Tatar people Mustafa Dzhemilev hopes that the Ukrainian singer of Crimean Tatar origin Jamala will bring victory to Ukraine in the contest for the Eurovision song contest and will raise the issue of the occupied Crimea on a new height. He said this on 8 February at the press-conference in Kyiv, reports UKRINFORM.

«For us it is very important because of Jamal, if you occupy some place, and I’d really like it to be first place, the prestige of Ukraine and the Crimea, the occupation of the Crimea, rises to new heights», he said.

According to the politician, he is partial to vocal talent Jamala and urged Ukrainians to vote for her on the eve of the first semi-final of the qualifying competition.

«This is a real talent, voice, unique, beautiful, and in the vote in the first semifinal she showed the best place. Though of course according to the existing rules of the Eurovision song contest, arts far from politics, but, nevertheless, the meaning of this song «1944» that this is the year of the deportation of Crimean Tatars», — Dzhemilev noted.

He expressed solidarity with the opinion of the singer Ruslana, who is a member of the jury of selection competition for the Eurovision song contest that Jamal singing his song «will do for de-occupation of Crimea is more than anyone else».

Recall that Jamal presented in the national selection for «Eurovision 2016» his new song «1944» written on the stories of her grandmother who survived the tragedy of deportation of 1944.

Cemil wants to Jamal won the Eurovision song contest 09.02.2016

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