Carriers of the Kiev government asks to reduce the price of admission

The Kyiv regional administration encourages carriers from February 6 to reduce the cost of travel in the bus to levels that preceded sharp price increase in January.

This was stated by Chairman of the Kyiv regional state administration Alexander Gorgan, the press service of the KOGA.

«I encourage carriers Monday, February 6, to return the fare, which preceded a sharp price increase in January,» said Gorgan.

He added that in the week to 13 February, will work the Commission on determining the reasonable cost of travel, which will take into account the level of solvency of the population, the cost of fuel and other factors affecting the cost of travel.

According to he said a third of the working population of Kyiv is constantly working in the capital, and the price of the fare depends directly on the material-economic situation of families.

As is known, on January 21 commuter routes of Kyiv, the price sharply increased on average by 40% to 12-15 UAH per trip. Raised the cost of travel and for the city of Kiev.

Then in the Kyiv regional state administration noted that carriers of the Kiev region will be forced to justify the significant increase in travel.

January 21 also raised the price of admission by 1 hryvnia, and private carriers of Kiev. From 21 January to travel in the taxi from Bucha and Irpin in Kyiv rose by 3-4 hryvnia.

Previously the cost of travel from Kiev to cherry in a suburban bus №820 rose for the second time in a month. This time 3 of the hryvnia to 12 UAH per trip.

From 18 November in the capital more expensive fare in the shuttles that run between Kyiv and Bucha: No. 423 No. 424 and No. 421.

In early November, went up the bus, plying between Kiev and Irpin.

In the Kiev administration said that private carriers are not required no one to coordinate their fares.

Carriers of the Kiev government asks to reduce the price of admission 04.02.2017

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