Carpenter was summoned to court on the case Savchenko on January 15 — the lawyer

The leader of Lugansk militants Igor Carpenter was summoned to the court session on the case of Ukrainian Nadezhda Savchenko, which was to take place on 15 January 2016.

This was reported by one of the lawyers Savchenko mark Feigin in his Twitter.

«Do you remember how closed the process for questioning a Carpenter? Supposedly because of security threats Chapter of the so-called LNR. However! Here is the document which States that the interrogation Carpentry caused as much 15.01.2016, And neither of which behind closed doors is no question!», — says the lawyer.

In his words, «there is a manipulation of the court mode of trial of Savchenko in the interests of prosecution and political plans Carpentry».

3 December continues another court hearing in the case Savchenko. The prosecution completes presentation of its evidence.

Protection Savchenko once again challenged the judge.

«The totality of the taken decision in this case suggests that the court is interested in the outcome of the case, the judiciary is not independent arbitrator and a party to the prosecution. This is totally unacceptable,» said the lawyer Nikolai Polozov.

The court, having conferred, decided that the defense’s motion for recusal of the Board to reject.

Protection Savchenko plans to question at the nearest session of court on Monday, her sister, wrote Polozov tweeted.

Recall that the Donetsk court questioned Carpenter on November 18 in the closed mode, based on alleged security reasons. Protection Savchenko was forbidden to recite the testimony of the Carpenter. The court also refused to publish his testimony.

Later asked prosecutors to open a case against lawyers for the posts on social media about the interrogation of the leader of Lugansk militants.

A private ruling in relation to lawyers about how to attract them to criminal responsibility, will make together with the sentence Savchenko.

Carpenter was summoned to court on the case Savchenko on January 15 — the lawyer 03.12.2015

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