«Carpathian Sich» will not block the transit of trucks from Russia, but would require a ban on Russian businesses in Ukraine

Activists of the Association «Carpathian Sich» will not conduct active actions to block the transit passage of trucks with Russian registration on the territory of Ukraine, however, will demand the ban of Russian business in Ukraine, reports Interfax-Ukraine.

According to coordinators of the Association of Taras Deyak and Nicholas Marcisak, published in the network Facebook, the blockade of the transit of Russian trucks through territory of Ukraine began as an exclusively public initiative the initial phase of the opposition of the business of the occupant in Ukraine.

«Solely in the interests of the Ukrainian people and the state, at the current stage of the siege state, there are both pros and cons. at the conclusion of our analysts, despite the resumption by Poland of the transit agreement with Russia, mutual Ukrainian-Russian transit the closure would have for the Ukrainian side the worst economic consequences,» reads the statement.

The document also States that as of January 2016 through the territory of Ukraine in transit of about 100 Russian trucks. After Poland closed its borders, according to official data, more than a thousand Russian trucks were rushed through the Ukrainian border. Due to the blockade they were deployed and sent home.

«As of today the Russian trucks are not fixed neither customs control nor our mobile groups. Since Poland has renewed transit Treaty with Russia, the RF carriers will use through the territory of Poland as the most advantageous. According to Russian experts, as a result of the blockade of transit of the Russian budget lost tens of millions of euros, annual losses could amount to about 34 billion euros. However, the economic damage Russia has not reached the level of political harm, after all, in the words of one Russian expert, the embargo was a direct «slap in the face for Putin,» it said in a statement.

However, it is noted that thousands of Ukrainians are working in the field of international cargo transportation. In particular, according to official data, 40% of all carriers engaged in international transportation in Ukraine is Zakarpattya.

«Unlike politicians who use every opportunity to increase their electoral rating and try to speculate on this blockade, we, social activists, their decisions are guided exclusively by the interests of Ukraine. Therefore, the active to hinder transit we will not implement, because the presence of the Russian trucks on Ukrainian territory is extremely low, but hundreds of Ukrainian carriers still ply the territory of the Russian Federation,» the activists said.

However, according to them, this does not mean that they leave the Russian business alone.

«Transit blockade we were able to draw public attention to the presence of the interests of the aggressor in almost all spheres of life of Ukraine, including the media.

Therefore, we move to a new level of blockade and start following the action. Our further steps towards the ultimate goal – a ban on the state level of functioning of the Russian business on the territory of the Ukrainian state. Therefore urge the authorities to finally begin to perform their functions and to take a firm position on the definition of the status and activities of the occupant in Ukraine,» say the activists.

As reported on Friday, February 26, with reference to the Minister of infrastructure of Ukraine Andriy Pivovarsky, attempts to block the activists of transit travel through Ukraine trucks with Russian registration can have only negative consequences for the country.

According to the Minister, as a result of such actions the carriers of the Eurasian region will be considered unsafe to travel through Ukraine, and the country will lose transit flows.

Meanwhile, before that, on Friday, the leader of «Svoboda» Oleg Tyagnybok announced the resumption of all-Ukrainian campaign to block the movement of Russian trucks through territory of Ukraine.

«It is unacceptable that the current government allows the Russian business to use the Ukrainian transport infrastructure. While Russia continues military aggression against Ukraine, the Ukrainian military kills and persecutes civilians, the government allows the aggressor to make the Ukrainian economy. The inaction of the authorities in the issue of imposing effective sanctions against Putin’s Russia undermines the confidence of the Western allies to the intentions of Ukraine to really stand up to the aggressor, as well as their desire to continue their sanctions against Russia. With such actions the Central government once again demonstrates the priority of business over national interests of Ukraine», — said in a statement Tyagnyboka, posted on his Facebook page.

Earlier it was reported that Ukraine accepted the proposal of the Ministry of transport of the Russian Federation from 00:25 February to resume transit trucking.

However, the organizer of the blockade of Russian trucks in the Transcarpathian region, the Association «Carpathian Sich» February 24 declared the requirement for the Ukrainian government to reconsider the decision to resume transit of Russian trucks through territory of Ukraine.

«Carpathian Sich» will not block the transit of trucks from Russia, but would require a ban on Russian businesses in Ukraine 26.02.2016

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