Carpathian forests may disappear for a few years

The Carpathian forests have no legal protection and in 5-8 years can be completely destroyed. The Carpathian forests have no legal protection and in 5-8 years can be completely destroyed. On 16 January, said the head of the environmental division of the Society for the protection of birds, candidate of biological Sciences, Olga Yaremchenko at a press conference in Kyiv, reports UKRINFORM.

«Forests is an absolutely unique natural ecosystems that are not subjected to strong human interference, they live and develop only according to the laws of nature. The fourth part pralesem in the period from 2008 to 2014, the country lost. If you go further at the same rate, then these residues pralesem, creating a frame scaffolding, years 5-8 will simply be destroyed. Due to the fact they have no legal protection. In the legislation there is no such thing as forests,» said Yaremchenko.

According to her, the forests are very often regarded as old forest, but actually is a forest in which trees of different age groups from old to young. Forests, unlike the forests, are very resistant to disease, pests, and global changes in nature, including natural phenomena. They are better than artificial plantings water retention. The largest area of such pralesem preserved in the Carpathians.

«Therefore we together with the German organization, which his country lost forests, for three years, working to preserve the remains of these prelesnik ecosystems,» said Yaremchenko.

The expert briefed that in the Carpathians for 3 years work on identification proletov. In total the area is approximately 83 hectares Of which about 40 thousand hectares of forests that have already been identified. The rest are potential areas pralesem which are identified remotely, but will continue to be verified on the spot. However, only 30 thousand hectares of these pralesem located at the sites of natural reserve Fund, and others in the forestry areas.

«The preservation of these ecosystems is very important for the conservation of faunal diversity and to maintain ecological security of the region. We began active work with lobbying the expansion of the parks. In 2015 we have a very powerful struggle with the representatives of forestry, who is absolutely not ready to give arrays for the expansion of national parks. So it became clear that the only way to ensure real protection of these forests is a bill aimed at the preservation of these pralesem,» said Yaremchenko.

Earlier satellite images showed how rapidly deforestation in the Carpathians.

Carpathian forests may disappear for a few years 17.01.2017

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