Carlsen beat Karjakin in a match for the world chess crown

The current world chess champion Norwegian Magnus Carlsen defeated the Challenger for the title of Russian Sergey Karjakin in the tie-break match for the world crown in new York. Winning birthday brought Carlsen a third world title, writes

The first 12 games of the match in new York with classic time control ended in a draw — both grandmasters managed to win one game. And the first came forward, the Russians played against the notorious favorite.

The tie-break, which was played in one day, consisted of four games with time control of 25 minutes each plus 10 seconds per move. During the final day of the Carlsen in each game had a time advantage, he played clearly and accurately.

The first two tie-break ended in a draw, and in the second game Karjakin managed filigree defense in the end, when computer algorithms are confidently predicted a victory to the Norwegian. In the third set, however, the Russian grandmaster conceded, playing white, and in the final series of the fourth game he needed to win with the black pieces.

However, in the opening Karjakin to organize the attack failed. White gradually developed a positional advantage after Karjakin sent the figures in a last-ditch attack, Carlsen attacked the black king. Karjakin resigned on the 56th move.

The match lasted 20 days. Thus, Carlsen, the leader of the world ranking and an absolute favorite before the confrontation, he defended his title in a bitter struggle.

The finals, held in new York, ended his birthday — 30 Nov Carlsen was 26 years old.

Karjakin after the game said: «Magnus has used my mistakes and won a deserved victory. I want to congratulate him on his birthday. Not now, but next time I will try to achieve the best result.»

Carlsen called his victory the most difficult in his career: «From the point of view of world Cup matches but this win was definitely the most difficult. It is rather comparable to the success in the candidates tournament in 2013, when I barely won.»

As notes «Interfax», in 2018 Karyakin will automatically be placed on the candidates Tournament and will be able again to compete for the right to face current champion.

For 26-year-old Karjakin is the first match for the world chess crown. Carlsen is the reigning world champion, last year he beat Indian Viswanathan Anand.

Karjakin was born in Simferopol in 1990 year and up to July 2009 (19 years) represented Ukraine. Then received Russian citizenship and began to play under the flag of this country.

Carlsen beat Karjakin in a match for the world chess crown 01.12.2016

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