Candidate for the post of head of the state Department Tillerson will say about the danger posed by Russia — media

The former head of Exxon Mobil Rex Tillersonnominated by the elected President of the United States Donald trump for Secretary of state, is going to Express the concern of Washington in connection with Russia’s actions in the international arena and to accuse Moscow in disregard of the interests of the United States. This, according to the Washington Post, Tillerson will say on Wednesday, January 11, at the hearings in the Senate, where discussed his candidacy for the post of head of the state Department, writes

The Kremlin has called «nonsense» the allegations of the presence of dirt on trump

At the same time, as the article says, the future Secretary of state will not to mention Moscow’s intervention in the election campaign in the United States, which Washington suspects Russia or on new anti-Russian sanctions.

According to WP, Tillerson will say about a number of issues that, in his opinion, should disturb US: a growing economic and military power of China, the spread of radical Islam, Iran’s nuclear ambitions and Russia’s attempts to influence other countries.

«While Russia is committed to the respect and importance on the world stage, her recent actions of ignoring American interests,» according to the publication, will declare the candidate to head the state Department.

«Russia must know that we will stick to our commitments and obligations to allies that Russia should be held accountable for their actions», — quotes an excerpt from a speech Tillerson WP.

The United States, according to Rex Tillerson, must clearly understand that Russia’s actions destabilisateur neighboring countries and States in the middle East, saying the candidate for the post of Secretary of state.

«Russia today is dangerous, but at the same time, it is not unpredictable in the promotion of their own interests. She invaded the Ukraine, including seizing the Crimea, supported the Syrian forces which flagrantly violate the laws of war,» the statement said Tillerson.

«Our NATO allies have reason to worry about the rise of Russia,» he would say.

Tillerson, according to WP, accusing the outgoing administration of U.S. President Barack Obama in insolvency proceedings in opposition to «Russian aggression». At the same time he will Express the view that the United States should explore the possibility of cooperation with Russia, for example in the field of combating terrorism, but only if its actions do not threaten the United States.

Recall that Donald trump has nominated Rex Tillerson to the post of Secretary of state on December 13. His nomination should be approved by the Senate of the U.S. Congress. Earlier, some senators expressed concern about his «relations with Russia.» Tillerson, was awarded the Russian order of Friendship, previously collaborated with the company «Rosneft». According to press reports, his talks with Russian President Vladimir Putin in the end led to the conclusion of agreements on the implementation of several major projects. Earlier, Tillerson argued for a partial lifting of sanctions against Russia, considering them ineffective.

Candidate for the post of head of the state Department Tillerson will say about the danger posed by Russia — media 11.01.2017

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