Canada has begun to issue visas to Ukrainians for 10 years and hopes to sign FTA with Ukraine in 2016

The Ambassador of Canada in Ukraine Roman Vashchuk said that his country has begun to introduce to Ukrainians the issuance of multiple-entry visas valid for 10 years. He said this in comments to UNIAN.

«We are already introducing these multiple-entry visas for 10 years. We try also to increase the proportion of those who receive these long-term visas, validity of passports», — said the Ambassador.

Vashchuk explained that when the passport of the citizen of Ukraine is valid for 10 years, so you can get a visa for this period.

«If the passport is valid for five years, then you can get a visa for five years,» the Ambassador said.

«We have already implemented these agreements, and hope that more visitors will be able to use them», — concluded the diplomat.

Roman Vashchuk looked forward to the signing and ratification of the Agreement on free trade zone with Ukraine for 2016. He said this, answering the question about the state of preparations for the introduction of a free trade zone between Ukraine and Canada.

«At this stage are the streamlining of documents, the last translation, legal review, and we hope that in the next year may happen and a formal signing and ratification,» — said Vashchuk.

The diplomat noted that working groups should identify and evaluate, when the Agreement on the free zone of the country between countries may finally enter into force.

We will remind, in July of the current year Ukraine and Canada signed a document on completion of negotiations on creation of free trade zone. Trade representative of Ukraine Nataliya Mykolska said that the agreement on free trade zone with Canada will open for Ukrainian exporters 98% of the market of this country, including important agricultural and industrial product groups.

In addition, Canada in the framework of the Agreement on free trade zone will provide technical assistance for the modernization of the Ukrainian industry.

Roman Vashchuk claims about the plans of the new government of his country to visit Ukraine in 2016. According to the Ambassador, the new government of Canada and representatives of the Ukrainian leadership already support inter-state contacts by telephone and personally at international meetings.

The diplomat said, speaking on official visits to Ukraine of the top leadership of Canada, in particular the Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, «until a specific date, we do not have, but I know it’s in the plans».

According to Vaschuk, such visits could be held in 2016.

As reported in the October parliamentary elections in Canada, defeated the opposition Liberal party. The new government of Canada was formed headed by the leader of the Liberal party Justin Trudeau.

The previous Prime Minister Stephen Harper represented the Conservative party, the losers in the parliamentary elections.

Canada has begun to issue visas to Ukrainians for 10 years and hopes to sign FTA with Ukraine in 2016 02.12.2015

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