Cameron agreed with Warsaw agreement on the reform of the European Union

During his current visit to Poland Prime Minister of Britain David Cameron found understanding concerning the agreement on the EU reform with my colleague Beate Sidlo and Chairman of the ruling party «Law and Justice» Yaroslav Kachinsky.

This writes Rzeczpospolita, reports European true.

So, it is reported that in one of Warsaw hotels near Cameron spoke with Kaczynski.

After the meeting, the Chairman of the ruling in Poland, the party said the politicians agreed on the issue of providing social rights for poles working in the UK.

Kaczynski stressed that the conversation with Prime Minister Cameron was very informative and satisfactory to both parties.

Answering the question about solving the problem of social security of poles in great Britain, he answered that Poland and the poles got a lot, «the full protection of those who at the moment is in the UK.»

«We received very, very much. We are happy with. Now in relations with Britain we are talking about cooperation in all areas related, among others, with Polish security,» added Kaczynski.

The meeting of Cameron and Kaczynski was preceded by a meeting of the British and Polish Prime Ministers.

The results of this meeting the Prime Minister of Poland Beata Szydlo noted that her country had taken part of the London proposals for reforming the EU to increase role for national parliaments and reducing bureaucracy», but «negotiation and clarification» require social issues, writes Gazeta Wyborcza.

It should be noted that for Poland in the negotiations with London to reform the EU were the British the most complex requirements about the possibility of restricting access to social benefits for migrants from other EU countries.

Recall, February 2 the President of the European Council Donald Tusk presented a plan to save the UK in the EU.

Earlier the Polish Prime Minister Beata Szydlo insisted that Poland is unlikely to support requirements in Britain in part to limit social benefits for workers in case affected the interests of 700 thousand poles who now work in the UK.

Cameron agreed with Warsaw agreement on the reform of the European Union 05.02.2016

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