Cameron: a second referendum on withdrawal of Britain from the EU will not be

Prime Minister David Cameron on Monday, February 22, stated that a second referendum on the UK’s membership of the European Union. It is reported by Ukrainian Pravda with reference to Reuters.

He stressed that the UK will not use the results of the vote as a lever of pressure on the EU to improve its position in the Union.

«Sorry, I know couples who started divorce proceedings, but I don’t know anyone who would have started the divorce with the purpose to renew wedding vows», commented thus Cameron the possibility of a repeated referendum.

We remind that on 19 February the EU and London has negotiated a special status in Britain.

Note that, in the EU treaties are amended, which says that all indications of the need to strengthen the integration within the EU do not apply to Britain; this means that London is refusing to further political integration with the EU.

Britain also gets the possibility of applying measures for the protection of the city of London from financial regulation measures of the EU, on the prevention of discrimination of UK companies within the EU because of the participation of Britain in the Eurozone.

June 23 in the UK held a referendum about leaving the EU. On the background of the agreements made by Cameron and his Cabinet will be easier to agitate citizens to remain in the EU.

At EEF, which represents the developers, manufacturers and industrial companies, reported that 61% of members of the organization want to stay in the EU, mainly for the reason that membership in the EU facilitates the exporting. As noted by Bloomberg, the British manufacturing sector is not the first year suffers from the strong pound and weak demand abroad.

As reported, the European Union has received the offer of great Britain to revise the terms of its EU membership. Prior to this, Cameron has acted with sharp statements. In particular, he demanded from Brussels to defend the country’s market, strengthen the competitiveness of the EU, to provide London access control migrants and to rid the country of «tighter» cooperation with the European Union.

By the end of 2014, the majority of Britons supported the exit of their country from the EU.

Cameron: a second referendum on withdrawal of Britain from the EU will not be 23.02.2016

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