California activists called for the Department of state of the United States

Supporters of the separation of California from the United States hopes for a vote on the initiative in 2018. Although the authors of the petition called the document «Calexit: 2019 plebiscite on the independence of California.»

The timing of the plebiscite was influenced by the victory in the presidential elections in the United States Donald trump. Indeed, as stated by the Vice-President and co-founder of the campaign Calexit (combination of words the English. California — CA angl. Exit — Exit) Marcus Ruiz Evans, his group planned to hold a referendum later.

According to The Los Angeles Times, in California, the supporters of secession from the United States made the first step on the legal registration of their claims, have handed over a document on the referendum in the office of the state attorney General.

Supporters of independence California can begin collecting signatures for its initiative in the spring. Now 13 thousand people agreed to participate in collecting signatures on a volunteer basis.

According to the Vice-President and co-founder of Yes California Marcus Ruiz Evans, the movement operates in more than two years. It defends the interests of California taxpayers pay into the Federal Treasury more than the state receives from the U.S. government.

Supporters of independence believe that the people of California with a culturally different population from the rest of the country. It is worth emphasizing that the majority of California residents voted in the elections of 8 November for Hillary Clinton — the candidate of the Democratic party.

An earlier edition of the Business Insider wrote that the group Yes California wants to open «Embassy» of the state of California in Russia.

The leader of the activists Louis Marinelli went to Russia two months ago and met with the anti-Globalization movement of Russia, said in the article. As reported by Marinelli, members of the Russian movement share his confidence that the state has the right to self-determination.

As explained Marinelli, «the Embassy» California in the Russian Federation will not deal with diplomatic issues and will be the center who will tell the Russians about the history and culture of the state, to strengthen trade relations and to promote tourism.

Earlier it was reported that the US will be the 51st state: the vast majority of residents of the district of Columbia progolosovali in the referendum for the change of administrative status for the state.

California activists called for the Department of state of the United States 22.11.2016

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