Caches of weapons, explosives, Yes card «PS»: the Russian security forces showed a video of the arrest of the analyst Sterlikova

Special services of the Russian Federation posted a video of detention in the occupied Sevastopol expert, former Director of international programs of the Ukrainian analytical center «NOMOS» Dmitry Sterlikova, whom they suspected of plotting «acts of sabotage» in the occupied Peninsula.

The 4.5-minute video posted on YouTube on Thursday 10 November. The video shows the moment of detention on the street and searched the apartment Sterlikova.

So, the analyst grabbed three security men, put a bag over his head and hands handcuffed, and taken away in a minibus to the place of residence. The video also shows allegedly found an Arsenal of weapons (pistols, machine guns, ammunition) and means for the manufacture of explosives, military insignia, a commemorative plate with the emblem of the Ukrainian military, the national symbols of Ukraine and also the business card of the «Right sector».

As reported, the FSB announced the arrest on 9 November of the next «subversive groups of the Ukrainian defense Ministry» in the occupied Sevastopol.

In turn, the Main intelligence Directorate of the Ukrainian defense Ministry denied the statements of the FSB allegedly detained employees of Hur in the occupied Sevastopol. «This another fake Russian special services aimed at covering up its own acts of repression against the inhabitants of the Peninsula, and with the aim of discrediting Ukraine in the eyes of the international community», — added in intelligence.

Illegally attorney of a prisoner in Russia of the correspondent of «UKRINFORM» in France, Roman Sushchenko mark Feigin believes that the result of the detention of «saboteurs» in the Crimea may be the freezing of negotiations on the exchange of political prisoners.

Today, November 10, a court in occupied Sevastopol was arrested two months three citizens of Ukraine for allegedly planning acts of sabotage. The court session was held behind closed doors. Among the detainees – Bessarabov, Alexey Evgenyevich, Shtyblikov Mr President, Dudko, Vladimir Mikhailovich.

Alex Bessarabov 40 years, and in 2013 participated in the Euro-Atlantic summer Academy, met with the Ambassador of Ukraine in Poland. Academy — a two-week workshop in Warsaw for analysts, journalists and experts. In 2013 the seminar was held for the first time, it was attended by 44 participants from Azerbaijan, Ukraine, Moldova, Georgia, Belarus and Armenia. Was organized and sponsored by the European College of the Polish-American freedom Foundation and the German Marshall Fund.

As an expert of the «NOMOS» Bessarabov has published extensively and has given comments to journalists. Another detainee in the case, Shtyblikov also worked in the «NOMOS» to the liquidation of the organization after the occupation of Crimea by Russia in 2014.

In particular, you can read the article of the expert of the centre «NOMOS» Alexei Bessarabova called «black sea region: an Explosive mixture with several detonators,» which was published by the Razumkov Centre in the information-analytical material «Ukraine in the coordinates of the black sea security», 6 April 2011 (pp. 52 — 59). As for Dmitry Stabnikova, for example, in the winter of 2012, the Russian news Agency «Rosbalt» was published by his Director of international programs of the Ukrainian analytical center «NOMOS» – material «Kiev puts army on cost accounting».

According to the latest detainee, Dudko, little information.

The former head of energy programs of center «NOMOS» Mikhail Gonchar said that he worked with Bessarabova and Stabnikova: «They worked directly in Sevastopol on the black sea issues. This is a known experts. If you type in the Internet, you can find them publication and ratings, comments. It was public people. In the Canon of spies and saboteurs is somehow bad fit».

Caches of weapons, explosives, Yes card «PS»: the Russian security forces showed a video of the arrest of the analyst Sterlikova 11.11.2016

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