By 2025, the population of Kiev Metropolitan area will reach 7.5 million people

By 2025, actual population of Kiev can grow to at least 5 million people, and the population of Kiev Metropolitan area, which is formed of 7.5 million people. This is stated in article of experts of the «urban Institute» in Kiev , Alexander Sergienko, and Anatoliy Tkachuk for ZN.UA.

This conclusion the authors made based on the content of the General plan of Kiev until 2025, and also on research data.

«We can say that only the permanent population of the capital will grow with the official 2.9 million, at least a third — to 4 million people! In fact, according to research by the Analytical research center «Institute of cities» and the Institute of demography and social research of NASU, in the capital have, in fact, is home to about 4 million people, so r 2025 there will be more. The actual population of Kyiv in 2025 should be estimated at least 5 million people,» the authors write.

Sergienko and Tkachuk also note that according to the forecasts of the development of housing in the Kiev region, the population of suburban area of Kyiv in the coming years will grow by more than two times. «By estimates of developers of the General Plan 2025, six major cities around the capital and the ten nearest areas of the Kiev region’s housing stock will increase by 2.6 times — from 30.4 million square meters to 78.5 million sq. m. this means that proportionally will increase the population of suburban areas from the current 980 thousand to 2.5 million,» the article says.

The authors stated that by 2025 the capital and suburbs form an agglomeration with a population of at least 7.5 million people.

Thus, if current trends in housing construction, Kiev and suburbs may face a catastrophic backlog of development engineering, utilities, transportation, education and other vital infrastructure.

Earlier it was reported that Kiev has lost the title of most expensive city of Ukraine.

By 2025, the population of Kiev Metropolitan area will reach 7.5 million people 16.01.2017

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