Butusov: Ukraine punished «Gazprom» for stealing gas!

Russia stole from Ukraine billions of dollars due to the control of Ukrainian officials, wrote chief editor of «Censor.NO» journalist Yuri Butusov in Facebook.

«Ukraine has punished Gazprom for stealing gas!.. We were able to prove that in 2009 «Gazprom» has failed to fulfill its obligations under the transit contract on deliveries of gas through Ukrainian pipelines for the First time… we don’t defend ourselves from «Gazprom», and win real money in the dispute with Russia», – he said.

According to the journalist, Russian President Vladimir Putin managed to plunder the Ukraine, blackmailing ex-President Viktor Yanukovych.

«For many years undercover war information and statements «Ukraine is stealing gas» gas actually stole Russia itself! They do not comply with the transit contract, year after year! As the country had the power, which is easily subjected to blackmail and pressure from the Kremlin and could not defend national interests, but honestly, to say that under Yanukovych, these same interests just merged, the scale of the Russian theft has reached huge figures», – he stressed.

Editor-In-Chief «Censor.NO» added that Putin was profitable to give loans to Yanukovych, to hold the controlled regime in power.

«Moscow is only one of the contracts was stealing from the Ukraine billions of dollars. Had a «feeder» – that this tacit approval of theft Yanukovych now warmed by Putin, and lives in Paris in the state house under protection of the Russian special services» – he concluded.


Butusov: Ukraine punished «Gazprom» for stealing gas! 01.03.2018

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