Butusov: Ukraine acute shortage of street politics

The ruling party in Ukraine using street protests as a springboard to get into power and then throw this mechanism until the next election. This opinion was expressed by the journalist Yuri Butusov in Facebook.

«Ukraine has an acute shortage of street politics, the deficit of meaning that can unite the politically active part of society, the deficit of the broad public agenda that would set priorities. Street politics is not just a storm, it is primarily a dialogue among concerned, find like-minded contacts, establish cooperation,» he said.

The journalist has noticed that in Ukraine monitor any stock in the center of Kiev, and their resonance is determined by the number of participants.

«We have assumed that the action should bring immediate results. This is incorrect. In fact, in civilized countries, street politics is a normal practice of political parties and public organizations. We have street protests have always been perceived as something epochal because of their rarity», he continued.

According to Butusov, street protests are the best way to check the efficiency of the party organizations.

«The main drawback of street protests in Ukraine now – the lack of a good script and binding to party work. The aim of the campaign is to expand the network of supporters. This verification mechanism – and who are the supporters really active, most effective and often takes part?» he continued.

The journalist noted that public activity and street actions in Kiev, the most notable the party «Samopomich» and «national building».

«Over there people have some motivation to party work, other parties, including the opposition, in a sort of lethargic sleep, from which come the long. But if the opposition parties are even sometimes carried out street protests, the party in power street politics are not conducted at all. The ruling party was dissolved in the state apparatus and, in fact, structurally degrade», he said.

Butusov added that, despite the acute processes in the country, the bloc of Petro Poroshenko and «popular front» is not visible on the public shares.

«Springboards to get into power… abandoned in a corner and no longer interesting to its creators, who long ago decided, apparently, to build new brands in the next election, in the naive hope that they will again be able to jump in all at some the new entrance list. Far not all. Future parliamentary elections will be even more intense competition, wanting to get into power much larger than the size of the lists,» he concluded.


Butusov: Ukraine acute shortage of street politics 24.12.2017

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