Butusov: trump goes strongly to the escalation accumulated over decades of foreign policy crises

Ukraine is to support the administration of US President Donald trump, recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, and to open the Ukrainian diplomatic mission. This opinion was expressed by the journalist Yuri Butusov in Facebook.

«The Arab States still believe that time will come and they will be able to get at least part of Jerusalem and the surrounding areas, so the status of the capital is a bargaining chip, one of the front portion of the confrontation with Israel. The administration of President trump finally decided to make a breakthrough and to clearly define its position in the middle East,» he said.

The journalist has noticed that the US decision has caused a consolidation of all anti-American and Pro-Arab forces in the UN, and Ukraine took a neutral position on these issues.

«These events caused a strong crisis and clashes in the middle East. The system security architect is Washington seriously shaken and is experiencing a huge pressure. In my opinion, in times of crises just manifest true allies,» he said.

According to Butusov, the recognition of Jerusalem is a matter of relations of Ukraine with Israel and the United States.

«In this situation it is necessary to declare all available means the joint position of Ukraine in support of America, even if it will cause problems in our relations with some Arab countries. The U.S. is our strategic ally, which actively affects the processes of reforms in Ukraine. Support USA in the war of independence is the most consistent and ambitious», – he explained.

The journalist added that Ukraine’s integration into NATO is a key priority of the Ukrainian policy of security and defense. And the support of the United States will in the short term to raise to a higher level of Ukrainian-American cooperation, and cooperation with the Alliance.

«Trump goes strongly to the escalation accumulated over decades of foreign policy crises. USA clearly stated position on the Russian-Ukrainian war, and without any hesitation pressure Russian President Vladimir Putin. In my opinion, not a vote for Ukraine’s anti – American Declaration is a wise move. But to be honest, I wanted more and organizational solutions,» he explained.

According to Butusov, Ukraine is still not strong enough to make loud statements, so the transfer of the Embassy to Jerusalem – too radical at the moment.

«But I believe that if silence and no messages to transfer to Jerusalem the Consulate of Ukraine in Israel, it would be a significant sign of support,» he concluded.


Butusov: trump goes strongly to the escalation accumulated over decades of foreign policy crises 22.12.2017

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