Butusov: the Kroll report at the «PrivatBank» has caused a huge scandal and the showdown between the PPO and «popular front»

The accusation of the representatives of the detective Agency Kroll in collusion with Ukrainian officials and related searches can put an end to the attempts of Ukraine to recover assets derived ex-shareholders of financial institutions. This was written in «the Censor.NO» chief editor Yuri Butusov.

According to him, the Ukrainian leadership is aware of the scandal because of the involvement of Kroll audit «Privat» was the initiative of the President of Petro Poroshenko.

«This situation has caused a huge scandal and the showdown in the leadership of the Bloc of Petro Poroshenko and «popular front», which eclipsed even the situation around the rally (Mikhail) Saakashvili. In fact, the leadership of the country at the moment, there is no common position about the return of the funds withdrawn on the eve of nationalization of «PrivatBank». And even on the contrary – there is one of the options is investigated in the negate. If the criminal case against Kroll will not be closed, there are no chances of the GPU, NABOO, Specialized anti-corruption prosecution to prove that any funds from the «PrivatBank» was bred illegally, will not» – said Butusov.

He noticed that the opening of criminal proceedings and receipt by Prosecutor’s office in Pechersky court search warrant in «PrivatBank», which was held on December 7, coincided with the return from Amsterdam to the head of GPU, Yury Lutsenko. He claimed that «accidentally» met in the capital of the Netherlands, former co-owner of «PrivatBank» Igor Kolomoisky.

«After meeting with Kolomoisky the attorney General does not put forward the suspicion against the beneficiaries of «PrivatBank». On the contrary, the suspicion is put forward against the detective Agency Kroll, and nationalized national Bank «PrivatBank», which are investigating, which was withdrawn on the eve of the nationalization of money and for them to seize. What does it mean? When Kroll from day to day will publish the results of the investigation and with these results, the representatives of «PrivatBank» or the national Bank will go to court and will demand the seizure of the General Prosecutor’s office through to accounts, all European courts will be denied. After all, what is the investigation of those he is accused of embezzlement of funds of the Bank? At the same time against the former owners of «PrivatBank» suspicions are not extended – they are formally clean before the law», – concluded Butusov.

About the developments known in the West, in particular the International monetary Fund, its position there will be formulated soon, says the journalist.

The Edition «Censor.NO» published a copy of the judgement on the conduct of searches, which States that the Prosecutor General’s office, representatives of «PrivatBank» and Kroll have entered into an agreement with officials of the national Bank, by organizing a «scheme of systematic embezzlement of funds of «PrivatBank» for loans.

According to a government decision of December 18, 2016, the state of 100% became the owner of «PrivatBank».

5 June 2017, the Centre for the investigation of corruption and organized crime OCCRP reported that «PrivatBank» for 2015-2016 has issued over $1 billion in loans to 28 companies, which were controlled by individuals associated with the former owner of the Bank Igor Kolomoisky.

July 7 in the NAB said that the state suffered damages in the amount of recapitalization of the Bank to 116.8 billion.

NBU in July published a report financial audit of «PrivatBank», conducted by Ernst&Young according to which on the eve of the nationalization of the Bank was a financial pyramid.

After that, the ex-Bank owners, as well as associated offshore and individuals have filed dozens of lawsuits in the Ukrainian courts in which to appeal against the procedure of nationalization and demand compensation for related financial losses.

Butusov: the Kroll report at the «PrivatBank» has caused a huge scandal and the showdown between the PPO and «popular front» 20.12.2017

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