Butusov: the Assassination of anti-corruption reform — the most acute crisis since the second Maidan

Ukrainian authorities need to urgently resolve the crisis surrounding the National anticorruption Bureau of Ukraine (NABU) and to adopt a law on anti-corruption court. This opinion was expressed by editor-in-chief «Censor.NO» journalist Yuri Butusov in Facebook.

«Assassination of anti-corruption reform – the most acute crisis since the second Maidan. The draft law on the parliamentary control over activity of law enforcement bodies, was the leaders of the factions of the PPO and «popular front», which is properly called «a bill about the right of Parliament to dismiss the Director of NABU», has provoked, in my opinion, the most severe political crisis in post-revolutionary Ukraine,» he said.

The journalist said that the ruling coalition can cope with the crisis «in the mind», and maybe «smash my head with the most unpredictable political consequences.»

«This is a crisis not only in society is the crisis in relations with our Western allies. And it is no secret that the stability of the Ukrainian authorities depends largely on the support of our American and European partners,» – said Butusov.

He added that the creation of NABOO, Specialized anticorruptional Prosecutor (COAG), the national Agency on corruption prevention (NACP) and the introduction of electronic declarations for civil servants became the «token of trust and a demonstration of the» ability of Ukraine to carry out structural reforms.

«It was one of the key elements of the implementation by Ukraine of the action Plan Ukraine – EU, whereby the European Union took a historic decision on the introduction of a visa-free regime with Ukraine. It is difficult to overestimate the importance of this achievement for the development of our country. The whole anti-corruption package of draft laws harmonized with the EU, Ukraine has developed and adopted in full», – said the journalist.

Butusov also said that the ruling coalition of the United States and the EU has prescribed a bill that specifically provided for the maximum independence of the leadership of the NABU and SAP, has formed a competition Committee for the election of a Director of NABU and held a model contest for the position.

«These rules are adopted we are, we are agreed, and our Western partners worked with the leadership of anti-corruption authorities, which was elected. The US and the EU implement a serious program of cooperation with NABU and SAP… Development of anti – corruption agencies in Ukraine- a direct requirement and our main creditor – the International monetary Fund. Thus, the anti-corruption strategy directly affect financial stability of the state,» he said.

The journalist added that the bill for replacing the leadership of the anti-corruption agencies political decision means that the ruling coalition was ready to «drain the drain» was created in two years the reputation of the government in the eyes of the West.

«To explain these actions is rationally impossible. Meanwhile, in the work of the NABU and the NABU relations with SAP and NACP do have serious problems that require government solutions. To work NABOO do have serious issues both in terms of professionalism and in terms of political agenda, and these issues must get a qualified appraisal – but first and foremost, evaluation should be legal, not political,» he said.

According to the journalist, the ruling coalition wanted to appoint a politically managed auditor, therefore, has not implemented adequate controls to NABOO.

«Why not set up a corruption court? In fact, it is absolutely necessary in our conditions the body. Authorities fear that the anti-corruption court is too politicized and will start churning out the sentences and put all in a row. And for what reason? On the contrary, if the court will be composed of professionals, will ensure the adoption of professional decisions, this court will be to cut a controversial and insufficiently reasoned case to the NAB, which also have a place,» he added.

Butusov stressed that the authorities should quickly recover the situation by creating authoritative anti-corruption court and approving auditors NABOO.

«Any claims and accusations against NABU and SAP needs to have the full and obvious legal argument. Otherwise the next time the reaction of the West followed by a much tougher», he concluded.


Butusov: the Assassination of anti-corruption reform — the most acute crisis since the second Maidan 07.12.2017

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