Bulk: house in the center of Izhevsk just took it and sent power. Local, regional, and Federal

In the Russian Izhevsk tenants of one of houses in the city centre at a meeting of residents allowed opposition politician Alexei Navalny to use to rally their local area. This was reported by the website the Bulk.

«House in the center of Izhevsk just took it and sent power. Local, regional, and Federal. Held a meeting of owners and voted 100% to give the Bulk of their local area to meet with voters,» – said the politician.

According to him, the tenants ‘enraged’ his act, the newly elected head of the Republic and the Kremlin, who do not want the repetition of such precedents.

«Judge for yourself: in the city two days ago blew up the house. What does the head zhilinspektsii Republic? That is the main overseer of the safety of the housing stock. He did not inspect the house for any gas leaks, etc., He personally passes the residents of the house and demands to hold a new meeting, forbidding my meeting,» – said Navalny.

He added that the next day after the explosion, the domestic Inspectorate held an unscheduled inspection in «rebel» and several police units detained equipment necessary for organization of the meeting.

«All this, of course, from the highest ratings and 100% support for Putin and «United Russia», – the oppositionist summed up.

November 1, Navalny announced that he was going to sue Vladimir Putin and the presidential administration of Russia. He noted that the authorities refuse to agree on holding rallies in his support, and expressed the belief that «the order was given personally by President Putin due to the fact that he is simply afraid of our election campaign».

13 December 2016 Navalny announced the decision to participate in elections of the President of Russia. He said that goes to the polls «program on how to make Russia a fair and modern.»

8 February 2017 rehearing of the case on embezzlement in especially large amount in the company «Kirovles», the Leninsky district court in Kirov found Navalny guilty and sentenced to five years imprisonment and also imposed a fine of 500 thousand rubles, the Politician said that the verdict will not stop his campaign.

Chairman of the Central election Commission of the Russian Federation Ella Pamfilova said that Navalny will be able to take part in the presidential elections in 2018, but only if it will remove a record or to change the law.

Local authorities routinely refuse to agree on the rallies, organized by Navalny and his team. The politician and his associates often delay.

Bulk: house in the center of Izhevsk just took it and sent power. Local, regional, and Federal 12.11.2017

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