Bulk for the seventh time attempt to register the Party of progress

Russian opposition politician Alexei Navalny said on its website that the seventh time will try to register the Party of progress.

«I’m often asked about «plans for after the March 18» and, in particular, on the registration of our party. Let’s get a concrete answer: Yes, we started the next round of registration of the Party of progress,» he said.

Navalny said that last year he and his supporters «has created the biggest in the history of new Russia a real political movement with an extensive network in the regions.»

«The movement is, of course, is much broader party framework. We are aware that the format of the party political struggle is not all it seems comfortable and effective. However, a huge number of people the party needed. A mechanism is needed to participate in the elections. In a regional first. Our party now would have passed easily at any regional legislative Assembly. That is why it took so long to register. We have already made six attempts,» wrote the politician.

He added that since 2012 his team tried to register the first «people’s Alliance», and then – the Party of progress. This has held six congresses.

«The number of refusals was ridiculous osnovanija of the «no whitespace at start of line application for registration». 27 Sep 2014 the progress Party has registered the required number of regional branches: 43. And we were close to having to obtain a formal right to participate in elections. But the Kremlin, on reflection, decided that scary. And in 2015, the Ministry of justice liquidated the party, directly violating the law because they do not have the right to liquidate the party in full compliance with the law. By 2016, we have passed all necessary judicial instances, the case is pending at the ECHR,» – said Navalny.

He added that his team plans to gather the organizing Committee and to notify the Ministry of justice of the Russian Federation about the beginning of registration of the party.

«The regions will hold meetings and nominated representatives to the Congress which we will hold on March 3. And by June we expect that the party will register a regional office and be able to participate in the elections», – the politician wrote.

The decision on the state registration of the progress Party was taken on 19 Feb 2014 data on February 25 made in the register of legal entities.

28 April 2015, the Ministry of justice recognized become invalid the decision on state registration of the party.

Bulk for the seventh time attempt to register the Party of progress 12.01.2018

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