Bulgarian President reminded the successor that Crimea is Ukraine

The current President of Bulgaria Rosen Plevneliev recalled elected President Romano Radiothat his thesis «Crimea is de facto Russian but de jure Ukrainian,» does not support any of the leaders of the European Union. So in an interview with Bulgarian media, Plevneliev commented on the recent statement Radeva on the Crimea, reports UKRINFORM.

«We should pay attention to very important things. When we continue to assert that Crimea is de jure belongs to Ukraine, but de facto, it is Russia because Russia put a flag, it is necessary to note that this thesis does not share one of the European leaders. This thesis is strongly disagree and I myself,» said he.

Plevneliev noted that Radio after taking office must be well to reflect on this thesis.

«I’ll try to help him in this, citing relevant arguments. Over us all – the law, the rule of law. If we want to see in Europe was the world, must adhere to certain rules, which are equally important for all,» said Plevneliev.

Bulgarian President also recalled that the international Hague court found the annexation of Crimea as an act of armed Russian aggression and illegal occupation.

Earlier Radev has repeatedly called for improving relations with Russia and the abolition of anti-Russian sanctions imposed by the EU. About «de facto the Crimea the Russian» Radev said earlier in an interview with French media.

Bulgarian President reminded the successor that Crimea is Ukraine 16.01.2017

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