Bukovina was prevented by regular cigarette smuggling

The border guards of Chernivtsi detachment prevented the attempt to move to Romania more than 1.3 thousand packs of tobacco products and detained the man, precasting to their transportation. This is the website of the state border service.

«The border guards of Department «Krasnoilsk» close to the borderline found 3 box of tobacco. The cigarettes were prepared to move through gorobei. Immediately organized an inspection of the area, the guards nearby noticed the man, who, realizing that he was exposed, tried to escape from militiamen. After detention it became clear that documents in possession of the offender has not, however, he was a local resident,» — said in the message.

Now cigarettes are delivered to border subdivision. All the boxes were Packed 1370 packs of tobacco products. The detained were brought to administrative responsibility.

Recall that in late December, the guards found the largest in the 2016 shipment of smuggled cigarettes in the truck which was to carry the timber, was 145 500 packs of cigarettes.

Bukovina was prevented by regular cigarette smuggling 10.01.2017

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