Brussels and London have so far been unable to agree on the terms of the conservation of the UK in the EU

«We have made some progress, but much remains to be done» — the comment of the head of the European Council Donald Tusk on the first day of discussions on the agreement with Britain can be translated from diplomatic to normal language as «something as long as nothing happens». Donald Tusk made this comment to journalists in 2 hours 36 minutes per night on Friday — and then left together with the head of the European Commission Jean-Claude Juncker at the bilateral meeting with the Prime Minister of great Britain David Cameron, French President Francois Hollande and Czech Prime Minister Bohuslav Slobodka, who will represent at the meeting of all Eastern European countries, UNIAN news Agency reports with reference to BBC.

Merkel: EU wants to keep the membership of Britain, but not everyone agrees with its requirements

The first day of the EU summit has passed in the night not because the British question: the leaders of the Union were up third hour of the night to a working dinner at no less than the patient for the EU the issue of migrants. But on a joint policy towards waves of migrants were able to negotiate, at least at the level of Declaration, and the compromise with great Britain – no.

«Everyone here will have their own drama, but in the end we’ll agree,» this aphoristic forecast of the President of Lithuania Dalia Grybauskaite on the process and outcome of the summit was quoted, probably, all the major European publications.

Other leading EU policy — for example, the head of the European Commission Jean-Claude Juncker before the summit too spoke about this spirit: «We certainly agree with Cameron, will not escape, otherwise simply not given, such cannot be allowed to leave Britain».

But to agree was really not so simple.

«We are concerned about some proposals. The devil is in the details» — said at a meeting with participants of the summit yesterday afternoon the President of the European Parliament Martin Schulz.

Then it turned out that «some of the proposals» is, in fact, almost all proposals for a compromise with great Britain, proposed by Donald Tusk. That is, the European Parliament is concerned and the temporary withdrawal of employment benefits to immigrants, and the intention to give national parliaments the ability to block European laws, and the wording of the EU as a «Union of countries with different currencies», and the rejection of the postulate of the continuous deepening of integration.

Martin Schulz and the European Parliament does not participate in the summit, but the speech of the speaker reflected the General claims of the different countries of the EU Donald Tusk proposed transaction with London.

Some of the old EU members, enthusiasts of the movement to the superstate, dissatisfied with the last two paragraphs, and Eastern European countries are concerned about the intention to cut benefits to their citizens working in Britain.

Although before the summit, especially after the visit of David Cameron to Poland a few days ago, it seemed that with Eastern Europe more or less settled.

«Poland wanted to see in the text of the agreement of Britain and the EU two things. First — and this, as I understand it, they have made — Poland wanted the right to suspend payment of social benefits extended only to Britain. That is, that in Germany, France and so on, the poles continued to receive benefits,» explained the columnist of the Polish radio in Brussels Beata Plomari.

«The second is that Poland wanted the abolition of benefits applied only to newly arrived migrants. And this is Warsaw,» she says.

Since the relative majority of those living in the UK citizens of other EU countries — poles, Poland’s position is considered key. But during the summit showed that the Eastern European countries there are still essential requirements, further weakening the points of the agreement on benefits — despite the fact that these items of suggestions to Donald Tusk, and so few people in the UK liked it.

David Cameron, judging from lobby, has raised a degree of debate, requiring the right to cancel benefits for newly arrived migrants instead of four (that was the original requirement) for the first 7 years with the possibility of extension for another 6.

EP President Martin Schulz on Thursday, February 18, the day after the meeting with the participants of the EU summit told journalists, answering a question about Britain: «I believe that we should be together. And I will do everything in my power to convince the citizens of the United Kingdom».

Today, February 19th, the second day of the EU summit in Brussels, will become clear, those negotiations ended. From their results depends largely on whether the UK is in the EU, as polls suggest, the subjects of the Kingdom in the majority can vote on the referendum for EU only if the EU will make concessions to London.

The same referendum David Cameron, according to the forecasts of British political commentators, will appoint at the end of June.

By the end of 2014, the majority of Britons supported the exit of their country from the EU.

Merkel: EU wants to keep the membership of Britain, but not everyone agrees with its requirements

All member countries of the European Union aimed at saving Britain’s membership in the EU, but to accept her demands, some countries remains difficult. This was announced by German Chancellor Angela Merkel, reports TASS.

«As you know, we started the agenda with the UK and continue her this morning. The discussion was inspired by the fact that everyone wants to preserve the UK’s membership of the EU, all areas of the UK requests were on the agenda. Not everyone is easy to accept the requests, but the will is there. The main issue is the abuse of the welfare system, the indexation of child benefits, on the other hand, exclusion from the system of social protection», — said Angela Merkel.

The Chancellor added that currently work is also continuing on the issue of a banking Union and Union financial markets.

«They also found that the issue of closer Union causes a very different reaction in the hall. Opinions about how far we want to move towards closer Union, are very different. Because the benefits to keep Britain in the Union so much higher than the opposite, we are trying to reach a compromise on this issue», — said the Chancellor.

As reported, the European Union has received the offer of great Britain to revise the terms of its EU membership. Prior to this, Cameron has acted with sharp statements. In particular, he demanded from Brussels to defend the country’s market, strengthen the competitiveness of the EU, to provide London access control migrants and to rid the country of «tighter» cooperation with the European Union.

Brussels and London have so far been unable to agree on the terms of the conservation of the UK in the EU 19.02.2016

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