Brother and nephew of ban Ki-moon was accused of attempted bribery

In the US, the brother and nephew of the former UN Secretary-General ban Ki-moon charged with trying to bribe an official of a middle East country to persuade him to buy a complex of buildings for public money.

Nephew Ki-moon, was arrested and was later released on bail in 250 thousand dollars. His father (the brother of ex-UN Secretary-General) power to arrest did not.

According to the Russian service Bi-bi-si, the prosecutors claim that in early 2013 the South Korean construction firm Keangnam, in which the brother Secretary General ban Ki-San was a Manager, to cover the debts decided to sell the building complex Landmark 72 in Vietnam.

The 39-page indictment States that ban Ki-San and his son, a real estate agent in new York Manhattan, expect to receive multimillion-dollar Commission from the transaction on the sale in the amount of $ 800 million.

It is reported that the defendants paid millions of dollars in bribes and tried to use his family influence to convince officials to arrange the purchase of the complex to the money of the state welfare Fund.

Earlier in Germany, the trial of officials suspected of receiving bribes from the Ukrainian businessman Dmitry Firtash. Accused threatens till ten years of imprisonment.

Brother and nephew of ban Ki-moon was accused of attempted bribery 11.01.2017

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