Britney Spears and Shakira presented «couch» clips

American pop singer Britney Spears unveiled a new video for the song «Slumber Party». On the YouTube channel it was published on 18 November. In less than a day the video had been viewed more than one million Internet users.

Under the video there were numerous comments that fans of 34-year-old singer heaped praise on her.

«In recent years, this is the first Britney song that can appeal to a wide audience. Let’s make it viral,» said one of the users of the Network.

It is worth noting that the video no longer than four minutes starred singer Tinashi. Along with Britney, she’s at a party in a luxury estate.

Also their new video has presented Colombian singer Shakira. The video is released in support of the future of the eleventh album of pop star, which is expected in 2017.

To call a clip of the singer something incredible, hardly anyone dares, because the story itself is not there. Shakira just lying on the couch in a seductive pose, smiling, looking at the camera, and on top of it, water flows.

However, fans of the singer happy and such, because in recent years the artist does not often indulge fans with new videos and songs. In less than two days the video was viewed more than 3 million users.

Earlier, the Ukrainian singer Tina Karol released a video for his new song «Two grhi».

Britney Spears and Shakira presented «couch» clips 21.11.2016

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