British MP accused cyclists pollution

Member of the transport Committee of the UK Parliament Rob Flello said that because of the dedicated cyclists of Bicycle lanes in the cities and neighbourhoods of the tube, which leads to an increase of harmful emissions into the atmosphere, reports the Independent.

As explained by the politician, working at idle, in traffic, cars emit more harmful substances than while driving, reports

Fella, noted that he is not against cyclists, but believes that they can help in reducing the harmful effects on the atmosphere. However, he cited the example of Cambridge, where about half the population at least once a week prefers to travel by Bicycle, reports TJ.

But despite the fact that the number of fans of environmentally friendly transport in Cambridge in recent years has increased, the city became one of the most polluted in the UK.

Statement of policy-a labour MP has angered representatives of the national Cycling policy. As stated by the leader of the charity Cycling UK, supporting cyclists, bike lanes don’t cause traffic jams, but on the contrary, allow more efficient use of road space.

According to the head of the organization , Roger Geffen, highlighted on the track, the bike path is able to pass two thousand cars or 14 thousand cyclists who could benefit from petrol transportation.

The representative of Cycling urged the MP to go to Denmark or the Netherlands, where a large percentage of the population travels by Bicycle, but congestion and pollution is not led.

Remember one of the «rules of life» by the famous British TV presenter Jeremy Clarksonpublished in Esquire:

«Once I opened «The Daily Mirror» and saw a reader’s letter. «I was driving to work on his bike — he wrote. — When suddenly out of nowhere flew a red Ferrari. From the window leaned out Jeremy Clarkson, shouted: «Buy a car» and sped away at breakneck speed.» But it’s a lie. I actually shouted to him: «Buy yourself a car, you whey-face herbivores asshole!»

We will note, in December 2016, the mayors of Athens, Mexico city, Madrid and Paris agreed on a ban of cars and trucks with diesel engines by the year 2025.

British MP accused cyclists pollution 19.01.2017

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