British authorities have banned government agencies to use the products «Kaspersky Lab»

British authorities banned the use of Russian anti-virus programs, in particular, products of the company «Kaspersky Lab», in government agencies because of suspicions of espionage. About it reports «Russian service air force».

«The national cyber security centre at GCHQ in the UK was sent to all government agencies, the requirements do not use such programs in systems related to national security», – stated in the message.

It is noted that the ban is based solely on the analysis of potential risks, and not on any evidence that the attempts of espionage took place.

«Kaspersky lab» said that he discussed with the British Centre for national cyber security, the establishment of a mechanism for an independent verification of the safety of its products and services.

On 12 November the Financial Times reported that British intelligence suspected «Kaspersky Lab» espionage – allegedly the company’s software can be used by the Federal security service of the Russian Federation for surveillance.

On 13 September it became known that the Ministry of homeland security has ordered state departments and agencies to remove from their computers any software «Kaspersky Lab», as it might be related to «organized another state» in cyber espionage.

September 14, Eugene Kaspersky was invited to testify at a hearing in U.S. congressional Committee on science, space and technology.

October 6 edition of the Wall Street Journal wrote that the Russian stole data from the Agency to the national security of the United States with programs of «Kaspersky Lab».

The company has denied any involvement in cyber espionage and promised to open the source code for all its products, to «overcome the distrust.»

British authorities have banned government agencies to use the products «Kaspersky Lab» 02.12.2017

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