Britain plans to build a laser gun until 2019

The UK Ministry of defence signed a contract worth 30 million pounds (37 million dollars) to build a prototype laser weapon. It is reported by BBC Russian.

The objective of this prototype is to understand whether the technology of «directed energy» to give the advantage to the armed forces. The demonstration system is planned for 2019.

The contract was signed with several European defense companies, who will work on the new technology together.

To evaluate the prototype will be on how exactly he will be able to select and track targets at different distances and in different weather conditions — on land and over water.

As explained by Peter Cooper of the British Defence scientific and technical laboratory (DSTL), in the project «using innovation research to understand the potential of technology high-power lasers».

According to him, this technology may be a more effective response to new threats facing the UK armed forces.

The Ministry of defence is negotiating a contract with the defense consortium, called UK Dragonfire few months, and now formally announced that it won the tender it is.

The representative of the Ministry of defence told the BBC that the prototype is being developed not in order to repel a specific threat, and to assess whether this type of weapons to increase the efficiency of the armed forces.

The US army is experimenting with high power lasers for several decades. Until recently, however, due to various technical difficulties to use them in real battles was impossible.

Meanwhile, one military laser system called the Laws entered service with the Navy of the United States and in 2014 was installed on the USS Ponce, stationed in the Persian Gulf.

This laser was destroyed targets on a small boat, which with great speed approached the vehicle and shot down a small drone in the sky.

According to Harriet Baldwin, an employee of the Ministry responsible for defence procurement, thanks to truly innovative projects, such as the creation of combat laser system high-power, «our country will be a step ahead of others.»

If tests are successful, the first laser gun can enter the service of the British army in the middle of the 2020-ies.

The consortium includes UK Dragonfire company MBDA, Qinetiq, Leonardo-Finmeccanica GKN, Arke, BAE Systems and Marshall ADG.

We will remind, in August 2016, reported the first instances of the use of laser weapons Russian army.

Britain plans to build a laser gun until 2019 06.01.2017

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