Brewer said that would happen with the Ukrainian roads after the elimination of «Ukravtodor»

Inventory «motor roads of Ukraine» concludes in December, and finally the enterprise will be liquidated in the spring. This was stated by the Minister of infrastructure of Ukraine Andriy Pivovarsky, write «Ukrainian news».

According to him, the state ownership will remain with 49 thousand km of roads. The others are in the process of decentralization will depart under the control of local communities, and the latter will not be able to refer to the fact that Kyiv has not provided them with money for repairs.

«In the process of decentralization the local authorities have received considerably more financial resources than they have ever been. Greater resource than «Ukravtodor». The same 5-percent «pistol» excise from the gas station. What will happen on the ground, people will be able to come to their mayors, local councils and ask about what and how much of the money spent. And where the roads,» said brewer.

The Minister also explained that a significant change in the quality of roads should occur after the adoption of the law on road Fund of the trust. The latter will radically change the issue of financing of works on roads of national importance and will open up opportunities for financial assistance of international organizations.

«Most of the problems with the roads depends on the «technology» of planning types, amounts and sequence of works and compliance. Plus, our historical issues – underfunding, even the plundering of what was funded, a strange attitude of contractors to the process. Plus we need to move away from patching. It must remain solely as an emergency repair. Patching all the way holes is nonsense. But we can do it only when the system financing», — said the head of the Ministry of Infrastructure.

We will note, the Ministry of infrastructure of Ukraine and the international Bank for reconstruction and development, part of the world Bank group, on November 19 signed a loan agreement on provision of USD 560 million. for the development of road infrastructure of Ukraine.

Earlier it was reported that the Minister of infrastructure brewer and two of his Deputy retire.

Brewer said that would happen with the Ukrainian roads after the elimination of «Ukravtodor» 15.12.2015

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