Brewer has put forward conditions to the Cabinet of Ministers and the Parliament. Willing to wait till February 16th

Members of the Cabinet of Ministers agreed to agree on a programme of action for 2016, in the case of failure, the government must resign. This was stated by the Minister of infrastructure Andriy Pivovarsky, have withdrawn their resignation, in an interview ЛІГА.net published on 9 February.

«Today (February 8), members of the government will discuss the programme of action for 2016. At the same meeting, will be finalized conditions, binding all branches of government. If they are not met, the Cabinet gets up and leaves,» said he.

«The government will give to Parliament a list of conditions with deadlines for their implementation. Something will have to take during the week, something or two, that would take me a month. But decisions have to be now,» the Minister said.

On the question of how much he is willing to wait for changes in the position of Minister, brewer said, «Till February 16. It then becomes clear that the Parliament adopts these decisions or not.»

Brewer announced his conditions:

«The first fair wages of civil servants. Without this it is impossible to ensure quality work of all government officials. The second is the creation of a new program of the coalition and the introduction of penalties for non-compliance», he said.

Brewer said, «last week for the law on road Fund of the trust voted 140 members. And this is the fundamental law for the reform of Ukravtodor! Another law on the reform of Ukravtodor No. 0954 and the law concerning inland water transport mode had not even washed up on the agenda. I am responsible for the reforms, and Parliament has already developed draft laws, even can not stand to a vote, and if shall – not».

«To hear MPs in the government sit alone villains who do nothing. In the Parliament is nearly 100 vital for the development of the country’s laws that are simply not accepted», — he stressed.

«The third (condition) – privatization. Today, state-owned companies literally «milked» for withdrawal on the funding of political parties and deputies personally. This occurs both at the Central level and regional», — said the Minister.

«Look at the list of strategic state companies. There is a company Ukrinteravtoservis. There is nothing strategic, but it make money. And so I have 14 months and cannot change the leader,» he said.

«Changing the head of the Kherson port. The number of Deputy addresses is huge. October port, Ukrposhta – the situation is similar: contests blocked by court,» the Minister said.

In his opinion, «all companies, except for a small number of strategic (like Naftogaz of Ukraine, Ukrposhta, the Ukrainian Railways), it is urgent to sell.»

«This is one of the sources of evil. Here corruption flows are generated, which are then sent to fight with me and the initiatives of our Ministry,» he said.

«Following the reform of tax administration, and that we are not talking about lowering tax rates. About this reform say 14 months. The decision can be taken now and next week to start reform,» said brewer.

Recall, brewer announced the decision to retire in December 2015.

4 February 2016 at an extraordinary meeting of the government Ministers earlier submitted their resignation, announced the readiness to withdraw their applications. So, decided to resign brewer, Minister of agrarian policy and food Oleksiy Pavlenko, the Minister of information policy of Ukraine Yuriy stets and the Minister of health of Ukraine Alexander Kvitashvili.

In this case, who resigned on 3 February, the head of the Ministry of economic development and trade of Ukraine aivaras abromavicius has decided not to withdraw his application.

On 8 February, the leader of the faction «Block of Petro Poroshenko» Yuriy Lutsenko acknowledged the crisis in the coalition and said that the Prime Minister of Ukraine Arseniy Yatsenyuk has no support coalitions for decision-making in the Verkhovna Rada.

The report of the Cabinet of Ministers in the Verkhovna Rada is scheduled for February 16.

Brewer has put forward conditions to the Cabinet of Ministers and the Parliament. Willing to wait till February 16th 09.02.2016

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