Brewer gave a lecture on the transit and discovered that the cargo in the Russian trucks are not always Russian

The issue of unlocking the Ukrainian transit of trucks through the territory of Russia, blocked on unmotivated decision of the transport authorities of the Russian Federation, should be resolved in the coming days involving the European side.

On Wednesday 17 February at the meeting in the government said the Minister of infrastructure of Ukraine Andriy Pivovarsky, UNIAN reports.

«Through all possible channels, together with our colleagues from the EU and representatives of the Ministry of transport of the Russian Federation, we are working to resolve the issue of transit and unblock this issue. This is very important. About 50 thousand Ukrainians are working in road transport in transit traffic Ukraine — Asia. Approximately 4 billion USD, this market. In order for the car to get to Asia, you need to move through the territory of Russia, — said the Minister. — 50 thousand people. If the question is locked, someone will lose business, and Ukraine’s transit potential will decrease and decrease.»

The Minister stressed that now the main task of the Ministry as soon as possible to resolve this issue.

«In the coming days to unlock the locked car issue, to conduct explanatory work for the population that is transit and unblock in General the issue of transit with our partners from the EU,» stressed brewer.

He also said that from February 12 is the operational headquarters.

«We have an agreement with the Russian side about the fact that from tomorrow (18 February) from 9 am starts the mode «go home». All Ukrainian cars, blocked in Russia, go to Ukraine. From Ukraine go to Russia cars with Russian registrations, the Minister said. — Cars, blocked in Asia — more than 300 cars, which can not pass through the territory of Russia due to the blocking of all transit, these cars will also be able on the mode to come back. I hope that in 10 days we have fully solved the issue of unblocking the Ukrainian cars in Russia and Russian in Ukraine».

The Minister appealed to the Ukrainian activists with a call to sort out transit issues, and to recognize that transit has no limits.

«As you know, last week the Ukrainian activists began blocking the so-called Russian transit through the territory of Ukraine. It is important to understand that transit has no boundaries and has no limitations. Ukraine as a transit country earns money on the fact that transit goods from Europe to Asia and from Asia to Europe pass through Ukraine. And very often people are confused thinking that the cargo that rides on a «Russian» rooms, of Russian origin. But this is not so, said brewer. — Most of the products that are stuck in Ukraine, not Russian in origin. It was a transit. And limitations, there can be no. Moreover, Ukraine signed a set of agreements about what transit can’t stop, transit must go a large stream».

As reported, Ukraine and the Russian Federation agreed to temporarily, for the period from 16 February until 25 February 2016, to restore the movement of freight vehicles on the territories of both countries, which was blocked a few days ago.

The decision will allow more than 600 Ukrainian cars that are blocked in the territory of the Russian Federation or sent to Ukraine from Asia, from 16 to 25 February inclusive to freely return to Ukraine.

The activists involved in blocking the Russian trucks on Ukrainian territory, agreed to let them back in Russia.

Brewer gave a lecture on the transit and discovered that the cargo in the Russian trucks are not always Russian 17.02.2016

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