Brewer explained the danger of the blockade of the transit of Russian trucks

Minister of infrastructure Andriy Pivovarsky assures that no blockade of the transit of Russian trucks don’t have.

He said this on February 28, on air of one of TV channels, reports Ukrainska Pravda.

In Lviv activists of «Freedom» stopped 22 Russian trucks

«Cars with Russian registration, which since February 25, came to the territory of Ukraine with the EU, Belarus or Russia — all or left outside Ukraine, or now rest and continue tomorrow,» — said the Minister.

According to Brewer, is currently is no «blockade» no, «there’s a saying that the position of social activists from the party «Freedom».

Brewer also said that the Ukrainian trucks that travel in transit via the territory of the Russian Federation, in 7 times more than the Russian trucks transiting through Ukraine.

The Minister stressed that the blocking of the transit of trucks with Russian registration may result in claims against Ukraine in the world trade organization.

«Our European partners in the case that will block transit, may file suit in the WTO against Ukraine,» said brewer and added that, according to international rules, the blocking of transit traffic, «transit has no boundaries».

Recall, February 11, activists in 10 regions of Ukraine began an open-ended campaign to prevent the departure from Ukraine in the direction of the international borders of trucks with Russian registration.

In response to the actions of the activists on 14 February, the Russian government banned the transit of Ukrainian trucks on its territory. In turn, the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine on 15 February took the mirror action and suspended the transit permits issued for commercial vehicles with a registration in the Russian Federation.

At the government meeting on February 24, the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine allowed the transit of Russian trucks with 25 February and instructed the Ministry of internal Affairs to provide security for movement of transit flows.

However, on 26 February IN «Freedom» announced the resumption of blocking the transit of Russian trucks through territory of Ukraine.

In Lviv activists of «Freedom» stopped 22 Russian trucks

In S. Gamaleeva (Lviv region) ongoing transport blockade of Russian trucks. This was stated in «Svoboda» reports

So, for February 28 at the entrance to Lviv at the roadblock were stopped, 22 Russian trucks, which are accompanied by machines Netpolice moved towards the State border of Ukraine.

In the evening the activists were visited by unknown people «criminal appearance», which is referring to the activists in Russian with «obscenities and threats» attempts to pass stopped cars.

«At this time the drivers tried several times to RAM the human chain, the «members» of their trucks. This silence followed by the police escort,» he wrote on his page in Facebook the head of Department of associations in Lviv, Lubomyr Melnychuk.

It is also noted that some drivers tried to disguise license plates.

Brewer explained the danger of the blockade of the transit of Russian trucks 29.02.2016

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