BPP denies the deployment of their staffs, and «NF» assure that the elections «into the hands of the Kremlin»

Party «Block of Petro Poroshenko «Solidarity» didn’t turn the work of their staffs. About this in the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine, answering a question of journalists said on Thursday, 4 February 2016, the leader of the faction PPO Yuriy Lutsenko.

In the «people’s front» does not exclude early elections and talk about the «hand of the Kremlin»
Party Yatsenyuk sees no reason to withdraw from the government, its Ministers, and only one, to whom there is a claim is Demchyshyn

«You can see this and verify. No, «Block of Petro Poroshenko» does not expand the campaign headquarters. BPP is constantly monitoring the likely candidates in the constituencies where our people are weak. It’s true, but no more. No headquarters we’re not deployed», quoted by «Ukrainian truth».

«As far as elections become more likely and are we ready, I would say the PPO is ready for elections. We are not afraid of elections, we are afraid that the elections will be stolen the most important resource — time. I’m not talking about the billion hryvnia, and about six months of election fever, the result of which will be the coming of those parties, and I think only two of them will be swapped» — said Lutsenko.

To clarify on what the «two parties» is about, Lutsenko said: «I’m talking about the «people’s front» and «Batkivschyna».

Before that Lutsenko called two approaches to change the personal composition of the government — a complete change by re-elections — in his words, interested in «Samopomich», «Batkivschyna» and Oleg Lyashko, and partial ( «point») change, or «reformatting» the procedure of periuterine coalition agreement.

Earlier, the former member of the PPB faction, people’s Deputy Mykola Tomenko said in an interview that the leadership of the BPP, «Batkivshchyna» and «Samopomich» has already begun to prepare their candidates in the districts.

Also in mass media there was information that the presidential administration is actively preparing to participate in early parliamentary elections partnership projects — anti-corruption movement of Mikheil Saakashvili and «Our land».

According to political scientist Taras Berezovets, a team to prepare for the election headquarters of the PPB was given a week ago. Elections expert predicts for September.

According to his sources, due to the fact that the current coalition is unlikely to survive, and probably other formats are possible. However, the analyst did not rule out that these rumors are «proactively», to put pressure on coalition colleagues.

If he was going to be «reformatting» of the government, «with almost 100% probability will be appointed new Ministers of health and environment, with very big share of probability will appear the first Vice-Premier,» adds Berezovets.

In the «people’s front» does not exclude early elections and talk about the «hand of the Kremlin»

The Deputy head of the faction «popular front» Andrew Teeruk not exclude the possibility of holding early parliamentary elections, but is convinced that they will only play «into the hands of the Kremlin.» About it reports «UKRINFORM».

«They are possible because the situation is very difficult, but I would have all the forces denied such an election right now. After all, we see that the situation is extremely complex. We are fighting, and this (special election — ed.) is one of the ways to beat Ukraine — not using military force at the front, where we showed that we are able to keep the armed aggression of the Russian Federation, namely through political intrigues» — said Teteruk.

However, he noted that the Parliament «works», adopts the necessary bills, so the need to hold early parliamentary elections «does not exist».

Party Yatsenyuk sees no reason to withdraw from the government, their Ministers, the only ones who have a claim — Demchyshyn

Faction «Popular front» expects from other members of the coalition proposals for vacant positions in the government, but to change his Ministers no reason. «We expect all the same from each political force, which is in the coalition, the candidates whom they see to fill the vacant positions in the government,» — said Teteruk.

At the same time, he noted that all the Ministers delegated to the government of the people’s front, in particular Vice Prime Minister — Minister of culture Vyacheslav Kirilenko, the Minister of justice Pavlo Petrenko and the Minister of internal Affairs Arsen Avakov, «fully consistent with my posts», and the faction has no intention to change them for anyone else.

«Our Ministers, whom we have delegated — we believe that they are able to perform their duties, and we do not intend to change them», — said the MP.

Teteruk also stressed that the faction will not vote for the resignation of Minister of economy aivaras of Abromavicius, while noting that a number of Ministers, to which the «Popular front» there are claims, included the Minister of energy Vladimir Demchyshyn.

In this context, the parliamentarian expressed the opinion that the statement, similar to that made yesterday Abromavicius about the pressure on him from the representatives of separate political forces, in the near future may become frequent.

BPP denies the deployment of their staffs, and «NF» assure that the elections «into the hands of the Kremlin» 04.02.2016

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