Boyko is hit ljashko in the face at the conciliation Council

MP from «Opposition block» Yuriy Boyko snatched waders on the leader of the Radical party of Oleh Liashko, reports «Ukrainian truth».

This happened during the speech, Lyashko at the conciliatory Council of Parliament. First Lyashko criticized European officials for the fact that they ignore the interests of Ukraine, and then collapsed on the ex-«regionals».

«Boyko, Lyovochkin go to Moscow regional, the instructions get in the Kremlin. Others go for the Brussels regional committees», — said Lyashko.

«I have a question for the SBU: why do they go to Moscow and still not in prison?..», — said Lyashko.

At this point, Boyko, who was sitting to the right of Lyashko and listening to the «radical» with a calm expression on his face, abruptly jumped from his seat, tried to clasp the head Lyashko and hit in the face.

«Why are you still not in prison, jerk?..», — Lyashko shouted in response.

Previous loud fight between the people’s deputies took place in September in the corridors of the TV channel «112». Fighting qualities demonstrated by people’s Deputy from «opposition bloc» Oleksandr Vilkul and faction Volodymyr Parasyuk.

Boyko is hit ljashko in the face at the conciliation Council 14.11.2016

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