Bortko about the Serebryakov: After this statement, he is acting in Russia will have less

After the statements of the actor Alexey Serebryakov of the Russian national idea it will cease to be invited to appear in Russia, although he is a good actor. This was stated by first Deputy Chairman of the Duma Committee on culture, directed by Vladimir Bortko in comments to radio station «Moscow speaking».

«After this statement, he is acting in Russia will have less. Not because of the order. So I would, for example, would have thought to invite him after these statements, although he is a good actor,» said the Director.

Bortko called statements Serebryakov of Russia meanness.

«I know this man, he starred at me in an absolutely wonderful Patriotic film «Afghan breakdown», he starred in my film «Gangster Petersburg» and I was very pleased to work with him. But then he is nothing of the kind was expressed. Moreover, he was an obvious patriot. What happened to him lately, I don’t know. Who offended him, don’t know,» he said.

The Director added that the statement of the actor says, «about the stupidity and meanness».

«The main national idea of Russia is to love his long-suffering homeland, which has survived as long as did not maintain any people in the world. Maybe we are not the most pleasant people to communicate, but that we keep yourself, your children and your home, there is a greater our merit – those who lived before us, those living now and those who will live after. If an artist Serebryakov doesn’t want to take part, the drum in his hands and let them live in Canada,» he concluded.

In an interview with journalist Yuri Dude published February 20, Serebyakov called rudeness national idea of Russia.

«Until now, neither the knowledge, nor intelligence, nor pushfulness, nor dignity are not a national idea. The national idea is the power, arrogance and rudeness», he said.

In response, the Russian Federation proposed to deprive him of citizenship.

Serebryakov in early 2012, he emigrated with his family to Canada. He explained this step the adverse social situation in Russia – growth of aggression and intolerance in society and the failure by the authorities of people’s civil rights.

Bortko about the Serebryakov: After this statement, he is acting in Russia will have less 25.02.2018

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