Borovoy: the KGB engaged in terrorist activities. Their students are professionally engaged in the drug business

Russian security services paid on the drug trade since the days of the state security Committee (KGB) of the USSR. This was written by Russian opposition leader and political analyst Konstantin Borovoy in a blog on the «Explorer».

«The KGB once traditionally engaged in terrorist activities. Even the management was a «T». The word «terrorism» 30-40 years ago was not considered to be criminal and unacceptable. It was a tool on the effects on the community and the capitalist system. Known cases of interaction with the KGB major terrorist formations. Even the creation of such entities as the «Red brigades», was carried out for drug dealers and was considered part of the work to damage the capitalist system,» – said the expert.

He noted that to work with drug traffickers, intelligence agencies used the diplomatic pouch and other tools of diplomacy.

«In addition to harming the United States and European countries, it is still making money,» – said Borovoy.

The opposition leader stressed that no one involved in the trafficking of people.

«These officials have held responsible posts in the state and has already started the drug activities and the transportation and sale of drugs. But their students now head the Russian security services and is also professionally engaged in the drug business in that number,» he said.

Borovoy added that periodically there are scandals, when the Russian weapons found in the zone of conflict with drug cartels.

«A few years ago there were scandals from-for trade in military helicopters for them. But all this interaction is for mutual benefit, and it is not surprising that some stream suddenly appeared or became known. It is a statistical regularity. It’s amazing just what has emerged is just one story,» concluded the expert.

About the criminal case on the international drug trade, involving Russian diplomats, it became known on February 22. The investigation began in December 2016, when the Russian Ambassador in Argentina Victor koronelli found 12 suitcases with the drug in the building of the Embassy school. Koronelli reported a suspicious finding Argentinian authorities. Those found in suitcases 389 kilograms of cocaine, which cost in Russia could amount to about €50 million.

February 22, Argentine media reported that the law enforcement agencies of Argentina and Russia conducted a joint operation and not given to establish a drug trafficking via the Russian Embassy in Buenos Aires. Party drug could to prepare for the implementation of the world football championship in Russia this summer, when the price of goods would rise several times.

Law enforcement officers replaced the drugs with flour, and the bags were outfitted with GPS sensors. The Minister of security of Argentina Patricia Bullrich said that in December 2017 load «of cocaine» in the form of diplomatic bags sent to Moscow «for the Russian government aircraft.»

According to The Telegraph, the Russians, who organized a scheme to smuggle diplomatic mail from Argentina to Russia 389 kilograms of cocaine, announced wanted through Interpol, the Russian drug traffickers diplomats suggested that drugs in Russia will deliver aircraft to the Secretary of the Russian security Council Nikolai Patrushev.

The Argentine gendarmerie has published a photo, which depicted loading bags of fake cocaine in the Il-96 with the hull number 96023. The office of the President of the Russian Federation stated that the materials could be falsified.

After arrival of the goods to Russia in December 2017, was detained three people, including a former employee of the Embassy Ali Aslanov. Two other defendants in the case, President of the Foundation for MORAL («Russian Orthodox patrons of art in Latin America») Alexander Chica and a former Argentine police officer Ivan Bliznyuk, detained by the Argentine authorities.

The alleged organizer of the smuggling of cocaine Andrey Kovalchuk, according to the FSB, is hiding in Germany.

Borovoy: the KGB engaged in terrorist activities. Their students are professionally engaged in the drug business 01.03.2018

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