Boroday said about the death of Bolotov

The former leader of the terrorist group «LNR» Valery Bolotov died.

On Friday 27 January, said former so-called «Prime Minister» groups «DNR» Alexander Boroday confirmed a source close to Bolotov, according to RBC.

According to Beard, he learned of the death of Bolotov from his family, adding that it is not aware of the details of death.

A source close to Bolotov, confirmed the death of ex-leader of «LNR» on January 27. According to the publication, the cause of death turns out Bolotov.

«Can’t say that I knew him during the events of 2014, but nevertheless it was a person who made a significant contribution in the first stage of the formation of the «LC»,» — quotes the edition of the words of his Beard.

The Russian media writes, Bolotov, according to the preliminary version, he died of a heart attack in his apartment in Moscow.

«He suddenly became bad», — said the source.

Bolotov was one of the leaders of the separatist movement in Luhansk. 21 APR 2014 he proclaimed himself «people’s Governor», and on may 18 of that year, was «elected» head of «LNR». On August 14 he was forced to resign and leave for Moscow (Russia). In his last public interview, Bolotov in December 2016 harshly criticized his successor Igor Plotnitsky, saying he was deprived of his «post» as a result of a conspiracy and told that the battalion «Zarya» under the command of the Carpenter provocations and shelled Lugansk in the summer of 2014.

We will remind, in Lugansk in September 2016, a series of «arrests», not without strange deaths and disappearances. So, earlier, on 6 August, the leader of the «Enroute» Igor Carpenter survived a serious assassination attempt. His personal car was undermined by the unknown.

Earlier, 19 September 2016, in Moscow, the ruble was shot by the founder of the Pro-Russian separatist organization «Oplot» Evgeny Zhilin, which started its illegal activity «Dnrovets» Alexander Zakharchenko. And on the eve of this event, on September 18, it became known about the deadly «mushroom poisoning» that occurred with parents Plotnitskogo in Voronezh. Carpenter also declared wanted the former colleague Alexey Karjakin, who previously headed the so-called «Parliament «LC».

Then, on 21 September 2016, Carpenter said on the prevention of «another coup», after which, he said, in Lugansk and the surrounding area supposedly «had to stop the Ukrainian army». «Colleague» Zakharchenko Carpenter then commented that they have «something too rough prepared». Moreover, Zakharchenko confirmed that she had sent to help the Carpenter in connection with the «coup» illegal armed formation «Sparta», headed by the notorious Motorola, which later — on 16 October 2016 — blasted in the Elevator in Donetsk.

Later in September 2016, «mayor» of the red Beam (Lugansk region) Yuriy Kondratenko called «support the leadership of the people’s police in the fight against embezzlers Carpenter.» And before that, a battalion of fighters»Enroute» «Ghost» them. A. B. Brain» said about cleansing on the part of the leader of «LNR» Carpenter.

Boroday said about the death of Bolotov 27.01.2017

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