Borispol airport: Negotiations with Ryanair were doomed from the moment of fixation rate passenger fee in the amount of $7.5

Negotiations with the Irish low-cost airline Ryanair was doomed from the moment of fixation rate passenger fee in the amount of $7.5, the statement said, and Boryspil airport posted on its website.

At the airport noted that at the beginning of the negotiation process has repeatedly said that to satisfy in full the financial expectations of the airline impossible due to the specifics of Ukrainian legislation and the conflict model low-cost airport and kubovogo the airport is Borispol.

«From our side there have been a number of constructive proposals and taken steps towards Ryanair for the possibility of entering the European low-cost airline in Central airport in the country. We note in passing that the practice of call Ryanair to the Central airport is not traditional for the beginning of the flights with their respective airlines in other countries, which is confirmed by the analysis of their maps flights and unsuccessful negotiations, the other Kiev airport», – said in a statement.

In Borispol stressed that to meet the requirements of Ryanair deliberately reduced rate passenger fee from $17 to $13 for all airlines, which means the loss of the airport each year, 360 million UAH.

«The rate of this fee is set by the Ministry of infrastructure. Without a corresponding change in the expected Ryanair is $7.5 for one passenger could not happen,» – said at the airport.

In the statement it is reported that in Borispol on the expectations of Ryanair changed the rules of the public offer, which is set 80% discount from the basic passenger charge on new directions of flights.

«It was also fixed in the direction of «new» for the airline for six months for the impossibility of occurrence of manipulation between air carriers and their first attempts to «take» route and get 80% discount (so-called norm about 100 km),» – said in Boryspil.

At the airport noted that it has repeatedly stated that the airport agrees to co-investment in a new direction by providing 80% discount only in the case of a guarantee from the airline to increase passenger traffic on this direction and increase the geography of flights.

«It is the last paragraph from the beginning of the negotiation process at hand, Ryanair was the rejection of the arguments of the airport. In particular, we have insisted and continue to do it that the flights to London are unable to fall under the 80% discount, because in this area already operate flights British Airlines and the base carrier of the airport – MAU. In addition, the airport will not be able to fix the fee for passengers of the airline Ryanair at $7,5, because it is dependent on ensuring and increasing passenger traffic on this direction. This position proved unacceptable to the representatives of the low-cost airline. We officially declare the guarantees of the passenger traffic from airlines in the amount of 150 thousand passengers, which is 1.5% of scheduled passenger traffic «Boryspil» this year», – said in Boryspil.

At the airport, said that «negotiations between Ryanair and the airport «Borispol» on financial issues was doomed from the moment of fixation rates in the amount of $7.5, which is reflected in the Memorandum between the Ministry of infrastructure and the management of the airline». In Borispol stated that this rate with the airport management agreed.

«The process of concluding a standard contract for airline service at the airport Borispol from the purely economic process have become a field for political dividends individuals,» – said at the airport.

In Borispol stated that the conditions of the incentive program of the airport «shall be open, public, transparent and such that are available to all airlines interested in flying.»

«Under the terms of providing discounts, the airport must obtain from the airline a guarantee of expansion of geography of flights (new flight) and increase ridership on the corresponding directions during the grace period,» – said in a statement.

In aiprort added that is ready for any audit, negotiations with Ryanair.

«In addition, the head of the airport publicly declares its readiness to bear responsibility for all the decisions taken during the negotiation process with the airline, and urged further negotiations to translate in the plane of the economy, not politicians», – noted in Boryspil.

In mid-March, 2017 commercial Director of Ryanair, David O’brien said that the airline from October 2017 will carry out 15 flights per week from Kiev and 16 flights per week from Lviv. The cost of a flight to Europe from Ukraine had to be from €20.

On 5 July the Director of the airport Boryspil Paul Ryabikin announced that it has signed an agreement with Ryanair, the text of the agreement sent to the main office of the airline.

«The agreement has been approved by all airport services and external auditors, who endorse all outgoing financial documents and contracts,» he said.

However, on 7 July, in Boryspil, said that some of the requirements of the low-cost carrier can result in the loss of the airport in the amount of 2 billion UAH a year.

July 10 Ryabikin said that Ryanair has put forward conditions that are unfavorable for the enterprise, and some, according to the Director of the airport, contrary to the Ukrainian legislation. He added that he will withdraw the signature under the contract if Ryanair will insist on their demands.

On 10 July, Ryanair said that it cancels flights to Ukraine because of the failure to the Boryspil airport of agreements reached by the company with the Ukrainian Ministry of infrastructure.

The Minister of infrastructure of Ukraine Volodymyr Omelyan demanded the dismissal of the management Borispolts for not signing the Treaty.

11 Jul Prime Minister Volodymyr Groysman held a special meeting during which it was agreed to resume negotiations with the Irish low-cost airline Ryanair.

Ryanair – Europe’s largest low-cost airline with headquarters in Dublin, the Irish. Ryanair is present in 34 countries and makes 1800 trips per day.

Borispol airport: Negotiations with Ryanair were doomed from the moment of fixation rate passenger fee in the amount of $7.5 12.07.2017

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