Border guards rescued a man from a rabid wolf

In the village Zaderiivka repkinsky district, Chernihiv region border guards rescued a man being attacked by a rabid wolf. About this on its website said the State border service.

The cries of the soldiers heard, while at home after the service. When he ran out, saw the wolf bite, a local resident, who from bites is already in serious condition. To neutralize the wolf guards had bare hands and with a knife. Fighting animals, they also received numerous wounds of the knee and elbow joints, and forearms.

All three were immediately taken to a local hospital for examination and assistance. Today, the health of local residents and military personnel is satisfactory.

On attack of the wolf guards had informed neighboring units interacting bodies and neighbours and friends.

This winter in the village Nedanchychi the same repkinsky district, wolves killed almost 20 yard dogs. The village Council decided to pay the hunters for 500 UAH per head of the killed wolf.

Earlier in the Dneprovsky district of Kiev entered quarantine for rabies, the domestic cat.

Border guards rescued a man from a rabid wolf 06.02.2017

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