Blocked on mine «Northern» the miners brought to the surface

Rescuers brought to the surface two miners, who in the morning were trapped in the mine «Severnaya» of state enterprise «Dzerzhinskugol».

On Friday 6 may the Chairman of the Independent trade Union of miners of Ukraine (npgu) Mikhail Volynets.

«As soon as I was informed by the Chairperson of the npgu primary organization of the 10th paramilitary mine rescue squad Victor Barabash, operation on rescue of miners on mine «Northern» has completed successfully. Mountain rescuers responded quickly and successfully brought to the surface, two miners», — he wrote on his page in Facebook.

«We know that men do not have visible injuries, but they were sent to the hospital for detailed examination,» he added.

As reported this morning on one of the sites of the mine «Severnaya» SE «Dzerzhinskugol» were cut rope shunting winch with the fall of several trolleys. As a result, on the horizon 1270 m were trapped, two miners 27 and 55 years.

Information on this fact brought in the Unified register of pre-trial investigations under part 1 of article 272 (violation of safety rules during the execution of works of high danger) UK of Ukraine. Procedural management in criminal proceedings is carried out by Constantine the local Prosecutor’s office.

Volynets, citing data from the chief technical inspector npgu Sergey Sinenko reported that on mine «Northern» due to a broken rope fell a crate for lifting and lowering miners, it was empty, «so there were no casualties», but as a result of the strike, there was a collapse of rocks that blocked the two miners.

Blocked on mine «Northern» the miners brought to the surface 06.05.2016

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