Block Russian trucks joined Lviv, Volyn and «Right sector»

To deter, and prevent trading in Ukraine of vehicles with Russian registration numbers joined the Lviv and Volyn oblasts. On Friday, 12 February 2016, on his page in Facebook said the Chairman of the public organization «Carpathian Sich» Taras Deyak.

«Brothers United already overlap Lviv and Volyn (blocked the exit from Belarus). The requirements are the same. Plus the offer to exchange Russian prisoners of war on trucks,» notes DEAC.

According to him, over night at the pass «Lower Gate» in Transcarpathia were deployed about 10 trucks with license plates of the Russian Federation, in the morning — two.

There have been attempts breakthrough, but on the «second line of defense» of the vehicle stayed.

Later, the «UKRINFORM» reported 50 detained Ukrainian activists of the Russian trucks.

«Night, several trucks tried to break at high speed through the checkpoint, the truck almost hit the activists, but they were immediately caught and stopped. The drivers spent educational work, then their machines are deployed and not given to smuggle goods to Europe», — said one of the volunteers.

The Network share has been dubbed the «Polite» or «Bear blockade» (Carpathian bear is depicted on the coat of arms of the Transcarpathian region). There was even a joke: «will the Carpathian bear to break the backbone of Russian?»

The organizers said that they were not going to take positions and to block the route Kyiv-Chop, while the authorities completely prohibit the passage of Russian trucks on Ukrainian territory.

«We will stand until the government does not prohibit the movement of Russian trucks through territory of Ukraine,» — said the fighters.

In the Volyn region is located an improvised roadblock near the village of Girnyky route the village of Domanovo — Kovel — Chernivtsi — Terebleche.

«Started at 8:00, as promised! As a result, four cars turned and caught one of the «fan» with a St. George’s ribbon, which passed through the whole Ukraine», — reported in social networks activists.

In the Lviv region the block-post is equipped on the highway Kyiv-Chop in the village of stryisky district grooms. They are on duty approximately 20 volunteers.

Deak adds that the activists have received the support of the Ukrainian Volunteer corps (DUK) Right sector («PS»).

«In the city 2-I Backup hundred DUK «SS» of Lviv from the beginning of our campaign we have coordinated with their actions, has the task and works (part us, part them), the twin cities United in Rivne and Volyn from yesterday in the course of the topic and also working with us. «PS» in Transcarpathia took Yablunivskiy pass, (passes — ed.) — are our people, everything’s under control,» he elaborates.

Position «Dubovtsev» announced press Secretary of the regional organization of their Galina Ed.

«When there is war in Ukraine, promoting the development of the economy of the aggressor is equal to the support of the financing of the separatists in the Donbas, as well as the blood of the Ukrainian soldiers.

We believe that such issues should be decided by the authority at the national level, however, if the current government is still not neutralized this issue (maybe for them, Russia is not the aggressor?), Then we get down to business, » said Ed.

We will remind, the day Poland announced a ban on entry into the state of the Russian trucks, so they actively use the border between Ukraine, Slovakia and Hungary to Transcarpathia.

«We, the nationalists, and caring volunteers, claimed: while the Russian, the occupier will not be recognized as an aggressor country will not receive a ban on the placement of your business on the Ukrainian land, and while the government will not block trade with Russia, we will not surrender!» reads the list of requirements of the organizers.

Block Russian trucks joined Lviv, Volyn and «Right sector» 12.02.2016

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