Biryukov told about the successful test of a new rocket: It’s a scary, accurate Ukrainian weapons

Ukraine has held regular tests of new accurate and very powerful missiles.

On Wednesday November 16 reported on his page in Facebook Advisor to the President of Ukraine Yuri Biryukov</b>.

Adviser to the head of state has also published two videos where you can see the launch of two missiles.

Commenting on footage of the launch, Biryukov noted that the missiles went normally.

«This is scary accurate of Ukrainian weapons. Test successful!» later, he added.

We will remind, earlier in September, design Bureau «Luch» has released a video of the successful test of new guided missile of Ukrainian origin. Secretary of the national security Council and defense of Ukraine Oleksandr Turchynov said: «In contrast to the Russian counterparts, Ukrainian rocket – driven, and therefore more efficiently and accurately hit targets that was proven during the tests.» He commented on test 26 August at the site near Odessa new rocket complex on the basis of reactive systems of volley fire (MLRS) «Smerch» with the working name «Alder».

Military expert Sergey Zgurets expressed the view that the range of the complex in the near future allows us to consider it as a replacement for the PTRC «Tochka». The accuracy of the hit, he said, much higher than the «Point».

Earlier it was reported that on April 27, President Petro Poroshenko reported on the significant successes and achievements of the domestic military-industrial complex. According to Poroshenko, the final stage of prebyvayut work on the creation of modern systems of management, modernization of multiple launch rocket systems and other projects.

«Significant development has been successfully carried out in March this year, the first test of the domestic high-precision projectile «Alder». This is the shell of the reactive system of volley fire (MLRS) «Smerch», and these successful tests provide confidence in the outcome of its development», — stated the head of state.

Biryukov told about the successful test of a new rocket: It’s a scary, accurate Ukrainian weapons 17.11.2016

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