Bilyk: I should never have been born

Ukrainian singer Irina Bilyk said that when her mother was pregnant, she was diagnosed with «Botkin syndrome» and proposed to get rid of the baby. She spoke about it on the program «Surprise, surprise!» on STB TV-channel, reports a press-channel service.

To maintain the character of the project, Bilyk revealed the details of his life.

«I should never have been born. When my mother was four months pregnant, she was told the diagnosis – a syndrome Botkin. The doctors offered to remove the baby because he will be born sick. But my mother refused,» – said the singer.

Bilyk was born on 6 APR 1970.

She also has a brother Sergei, born in 1979. He is a lawyer and sociologist.

Bilyk: I should never have been born 10.11.2017

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