Billionaire Ginsburg: Hold tight your bitcoin! In March it will cost $25 thousand

Bloggers and the media called cause of the fall of bitcoin exchange rate, which are actually not played in this process a key role, said in comments to the edition «GORDON» the Ukrainian-American businessman mark Ginsburg.

«There are three obvious lying on the surface of the reasons for the collapse of cryptocurrencies, which are negotiated by bloggers and the media. I must say that they are basic. The media spread information as if China and South Korea want to ban cryptocurrencies, but there was only about regulation. Another argument – China is preparing for the New year. They have it solid and long lasting occasion. And thirdly, panic is «hamsters». The so-called ordinary citizens of any country. In this case, the ordinary owners of the cryptocurrency, not the big players,» said Ginsburg.

According to him, the panic in the cryptocurrency market create financial institutions, banks and respondi.

«Information about how to buy bitcoin, Google, ordinary buyers who grabbed all my savings and want to buy a few bitcoins. They do not do any weather on the market. But the major players do not Google this topic – they use the services of analysts and specialists. Therefore focus on the queries in search engines, where supposedly loses interest in the subject of the purchase of the cryptocurrency, not worth it. One of the main reasons for the decline in the exchange rate of bitcoin – focused financial institutions, banks and respondo. They don’t want to acquire serious financial tools on a par with the waiters, taxi drivers and other ordinary people. Therefore they use all possible methods to spread panic which will leave the market «hamsters.» They just need to clear the market, to skimp. And then the rate will go up again. Such lucrative tools they want to make more elite,» – said the source.

In his opinion, ordinary citizens don’t want to sell their bitcoins.

«Cryptocurrency is among the complicated systems that have independent properties. There are a number of subjective factors, to realize that the ordinary citizen is not given. This is a great game. No need to exaggerate the panic. The cryptocurrency market is just «mass shooting hamsters». Last year the exchange rate of bitcoin five times fell by 30%, but then still continued to grow. And now, too, no crash there. Adult children have understood and realized what was happening. My advice to readers: guys, don’t give your bitcoins to anyone. No dollars, no euros. Hold tight your bitcoin! In March, it will cost $25 million,» concluded Ginsburg.

The maximum value of bitcoin was recorded in the middle of December last year – it was $19 783. After this currency started to get cheaper.

As of 16.05 22 January, the bitcoin is trading at $10 756.

Bitcoin is an electronic cryptocurrency used to exchange for goods or services from sellers who agree to accept it. It was established in 2008 by an anonymous mathematician or group of mathematicians.

The national Bank of Ukraine does not recognize the cryptocurrency, but they are not legally prohibited.

Billionaire Ginsburg: Hold tight your bitcoin! In March it will cost $25 thousand 22.01.2018

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