Billionaire Ginsburg: after some time, you may receive dollarton or eurocoin

To invest in the cryptocurrency can only be aware of all the risks which it is exposed. This Ukrainian-American businessman mark Ginsburg December 20, said in an interview with «Commander in chief».

«If a person today the Bank has $100 thousand, the first thing I suggest to do is check the fit of the lid to this jar. Second – to borrow from the banks not more than $5 thousand and buy some cryptocurrency. Only $5 thousand – not because I don’t believe in cryptocurrency. On the contrary, soon it will become fact in our daily life. I am deeply convinced that if bitcoin will remain a bitcoin, it will cost $30, and $50, and $100 million,» he said.

He called two aspects that can affect the value of cryptocurrencies.

«Today the bitcoin is worth $20 thousand, and after a while it can cost $100 thousand But the next day it may cost $3 thousand, and after, say, 10 months – $1 thousand And it can last for several years. For example, this result may lead to successful hacker attack on one of the world’s leading cryptocurrency exchanges. Therefore, the liquidity of bitcoin is under question. Second time – some time may occur, for example, dollarton or eurocoin, that is, the state of the cryptocurrency that will critically affect the exchange rate of bitcoin,» explained Ginsburg.

The businessman have advised to invest in cryptocurrency no more than 5-10% savings.

Ginsburg is the founder and President of investment and construction holding company MTN, the billionaire and collector. At the end of September 2017, the first in the world to sell the property for cryptocurrency. The transaction is carried American startup Propy, the buyer was the founder of the online publication TechCrunch, Michael Arrington. Ginsburg sold him an apartment in Kiev for cryptocurrency Etherеum. At the time of sale in dollar equivalent Ginsburg got for the property is $60 thousand, after the growth of cryptocurrencies, this amount has almost doubled.

Cryptocurrency is a virtual currency. It is not controlled by any one Bank, no bills and notes, and all transactions are conducted only on the Internet and available in the clear. At the moment in the world there are more than two thousand cryptocurrencies, the most popular of them is Bitcoin (bitcoin) and Ethereum (Ethereum).

Billionaire Ginsburg: after some time, you may receive dollarton or eurocoin 29.12.2017

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