Billionaire Bloomberg thinks to run for President of the USA

Michael Bloomberg, the billionaire founder of Bloomberg and former mayor of new York, for the first time stated that he is considering to run for President of the United States. He said this in an interview with The Financial Times.

Bloomberg also criticized the quality of debate in the presidential race.

«I believe that the level of reasoning and debate painfully banal, outrageous and offensive to voters,» he said.

He noted that the American public deserves «much better». Bloomberg said he intends to start his candidacy in March.

The candidate of the Republican party, billionaire Donald trump said he would be «very happy» if Bloomberg announces his candidacy. The Challenger from the Democratic party , Bernie Sanders called it proof that the U.S. is «moving away from democracy to oligarchy».

In January it was reported that Bloomberg has instructed advisers to prepare a plan for his possible presidential campaign.

Recall that the U.S. presidential elections will be held in November 2016. The current U.S. leader Barack Obama has fulfilled two terms and is ineligible to run.

Billionaire Bloomberg thinks to run for President of the USA 09.02.2016

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