Biletsky: Poroshenko is the key «challenge» and a danger to our country

The President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko dangerous for the country. The leader of the party «national body» Andrey Biletsky said in a statement published in the Facebook party.

He was commenting on the words Poroshenko that today at the press-conference «Challenges-2018» a critical assessment of the appearance on the streets of the «national teams» from the «National body». «Did each of you felt safer when I saw those guys?» asked the President.

«Poroshenko called today’s performance «Calls-2018». Note that for 2018 and 2017, 16th, 15th, 14th, Poroshenko is a key «call» and a danger to our country,» – said Biletsky.

He asked a number of questions.

«Do you feel safer in a country at war in its fourth year (that Poroshenko promised to end for the week)? Do you feel safer in a country with a President who conducts business with the enemy, throws the government and the post of commander-in-chief during the war for a week holiday in the Maldives, whose President is a priest of the Patriarchate of the aggressor state, whose children and relatives boldly demonstrate the commitment of Russia?» asked, in particular, the leader of the «National body».

In his opinion, Poroshenko is building «Ukraine of his dreams».

«Spineless and defenseless country-the colony, «agricultural superpower» without a military, science, economy, ultimately no population that will go to Poland for mushrooms. From his point of view, and easier, because no one will dobrovoljci, to organize and to build the country. If you like this, Poroshenko is exactly what you deserve!» – said Biletsky.

Biletsky: Poroshenko is the key «challenge» and a danger to our country 01.03.2018

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