Bild. Ukrainian Ambassador Miller: «In the future, Crimea will return to Ukraine»

The Ambassador of Ukraine in Germany Andrey Melnik believes that in the future Crimea will return to Ukraine, ordinary Ukrainians will feel a concrete improvement in three years. Such statements by the Ukrainian diplomat made in an interview with German tabloid Bild.

Answering the question about whether he regrets, three years after the events in Ukraine, that the Maidan that led to this partly catastrophic consequences, even began, Miller said no: «neither I Nor the majority of Ukrainians do not regret it.»

«I’m sure the majority of people, despite existing difficulties, do not regret the Maidan. All because now we have given back their freedom and pride in themselves, — said Miller. — Crimea, though perhaps not tomorrow or the day after tomorrow, but will be back in the Ukraine. We will be patient, because before us there is the experience of Germany». Underneath the diplomat is referring to the reunification of Germany, which «also lasted a long time, but Germany became a United country.» «The same applies to the East of Ukraine», — says Miller.

«What now is the Ukraine, is nothing more than a long healing process,» emphasizes the Ambassador.

«Now civil society is following with great interest what power. This is a huge difference from what it was before the Maidan — continues Miller. — Now no one in power, cannot afford to behave as he wants. As it was during the regime of Yanukovych. So today, the citizens will not allow to happen something that would violate their interests or would be against democracy and freedom. This is the most important. I think that the body of Ukraine becomes healthier and stronger every day.»

The statements of people like former Governor of the Odessa region, Mikheil Saakashvili, that the current government is involved in corruption, Miller believes a lie. «Saakashvili had an honest chance. For eighteen months he was able to show in Odessa that he can. But the result is quite sobering, says the diplomat. And now Saakashvili is looking for an excuse for your failure.» First, as Miller recalls, the aim of the attacks Saakashvili was Yatsenyuk, and Poroshenko now.

As for the future of Ukraine, within three years, as assured the Miller, «ordinary citizens finally begin to feel a change in their wallets, in the system of justice and the question of freedom. Bribes won’t be needed anymore».

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Bild. Ukrainian Ambassador Miller: «In the future, Crimea will return to Ukraine» 29.11.2016

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